What size is a MWB sprinter?

Van dimensions

Body style Height Length
MWB standard roof van 2,530mm 5,910mm
MWB high roof van 2,820mm 5,910mm
MWB super-high roof van 3,050mm 5,910mm
LWB high roof van 2,815mm 6,945mm

What are the dimensions of the inside of a Sprinter Van?

INCHES. The interior dimensions (length) of the Mercedes Sprinter cargo space is 102.4″ (L1), 128.5″ (L2), 169.3″ (L3), and 185″ (L4). The interior width of the Sprinter Van is 70.1″ and the exterior width is 95.5″. The interior height of the Mercedes Sprinter is 68.5″ (H1), 79.9″ (H2), and 89″ (H3).

How long is a MWB Mercedes Sprinter?

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van wheelbase:

Mercedes Sprinter wheelbase Short (SWB) L1 Medium (MWB) L2
Wheelbase length (FWD) 3,259mm 3,924mm
Wheelbase length (RWD) 3,665mm
Wheelbase length (4×4) 3,665mm

How much space is in the back of a Sprinter Van?

The Sprinter van interior dimensions reveal that it also has a very spacious cargo area. The cargo area is 133 inches long, 70 inches wide and 67 inches tall. The volume of the cargo area is 319 cubic feet. This makes the Mercedes Sprinter van inside to be perfect for small moves and office moves.

How long is a MWB Transit van?

Van dimensions

Body style Height Length
MWB FWD Low roof Van 2,047mm 5,230mm
MWB FWD Medium roof van 2,363mm 5,230mm
MWB RWD Medium roof van 2,397mm 5,230mm
MWB FWD double-cab in van low roof 2,047mm 5,230mm

How much can you fit in a Mercedes Sprinter?

Long Wheels Base (LWB) Transit Van and Sprinter Van Alongside these you could fit up to 30 boxes depending on their size and contents. The average loading capacity of an LWB van is 380-530 cubic feet.

How long is the cargo space in a Sprinter van?

132.9 inches
Cargo Bed Length: 132.9 inches (Standard) – 173.6 inches (Extended Wheelbase) Cargo Width Floor: 70.4 inches. Max. Cargo Volume: 319 cubic feet.

How tall is the inside of a Mercedes Sprinter?

How Tall is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van?

2020 & 2021 Sprinter Van Line-Up Interior Standing Height (in.) Overall Height (in.)
Sprinter Cargo Van 4×4 – Standard Roof 67.7 100.1
Sprinter Cargo Van 4×4 – High Roof 79.1 111.3
Sprinter Crew Van 65.3 97.9
Sprinter Crew Van- High Roof 76.7 109.1

How long is a Mercedes Sprinter in feet?

The Mercedes Sprinter van is 19.46 feet long, 22.83 feet long, or 24.17 feet long, depending on the wheelbase length. Wheelbase sizes are 12 feet or 14.17 feet. The standard height of the Sprinter van is 8.04 feet. Some models have a taller roof, which is 8.96 feet or 9.52 feet tall.

Which Sprinter van has the most cargo space?

The Sprinter 2500 High Roof 170 Extended Wheelbase is the largest cargo van from Mercedes-Benz with 530 cubic feet of cargo space.

What are the dimensions of a transit van?

Transit Van Dimensions Measurements: Overall Length (L2/L3/L4): 5531/5981/6704 mm. Ford Transit low and high Roof Height (H2/H3): 2490/2781 mm. Ford Transit dimensions Width with/without mirrors: 2474/2059 mm.