What size is N scale in inches?

N scale. This N scale box car is about three inches long. N scale is the second most popular scale for model trains. It’s 1:160 scale, approximately half again the size of HO scale.

What size is N scale model train?

An N scale train car is typically around 3-3.75 inches long, approximately half the size of an HO scale train. This gives you a choice of a smaller layout or packing more into the same space. A simple N scale train tends to be about 1.5 feet, or half a meter, long between the locomotive and a few cars.

What is N scale equal to?

9 mm
While N scale is quite small, it is not the smallest commercially available scale, as Z scale is smaller yet at 1:220 and T scale is 1:450 or 1:480. N scale is considered generally compatible with 1:144 scale for miniature wargaming….

N scale
Model gauge 9 mm (0.354 in)
Prototype gauge Standard gauge

How do you convert HO scale to inches?

To get inches from this start with the first number 20. Take 20 times 12 (which is how many inches there is in a foot) 20 X 12 = 240. Take the 240 and divide by 87 (for HO Scale) and you get 2.758. That’s right at 2-3/4 inches.

How big is a HO scale?

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What is the equivalent to model railroad N scale?

The term N gauge refers to the track dimensions, but in the United Kingdom in particular British N gauge refers to a 1∶148 scale with 1∶160 ( 9 mm or 0.354 in) track gauge modelling.

How tall is a N scale person?

N Scale. 1 9/32 to 1 23/32 inches (32 to 44mm) Z Scale. 1 3/16 to 1 1/4 inches (30 to 32mm) *Large scale trains include a variety of scales that all operate on the same gauge of track, commonly called G gauge. The scale of the models vary by manufacturer, hence the greater variation in these minimum requirements.

How to make HO scale figures?

Normally a sculptor builds up a modelled figure on an armature, which is a skeletal support for the figure usually out of wire, and it makes sense to do that even at this small scale. Getting the armature right is more than half of the task, at least in terms of importance.