What spec is best for leveling mage?

Best Leveling Spec for Mage in Shadowlands We recommend Frost for most of your Mage Leveling needs. This is because almost all spells of Frost will slow or root your targets, allowing you to kite very easily. It also has a lot of burst damage for low health enemies which allow you to quickly kill most quest mobs.

Which spec is best for mage Shadowlands?

Best Mage Leveling Spec in Shadowlands. Although each specialization has strengths and weaknesses, we recommend Frost as the best Mage leveling spec.

What is the best mage spec for leveling TBC?

Frost is one of the two best Mage specs for leveling. Frost is mana efficient with high survivability, with tools such as Improved Frost Nova and Ice Barrier to help control mobs. Those traits come at the cost of DPS, which is very good but not as high as other specs.

Is fire Mage good for leveling?

However, some players have also chosen Fire as their choice of best Mage leveling spec, especially once they reach a higher level. However, the only snare that Fire has is Flamestrike while leveling but can cast Scorch while moving and Dragon’s Breath for AoE damage and a disorient.

What level can Mages start AoE grinding?

AoE Grinding Rotation (after level 22) for Mages in Classic WoW. At any point during this rotation if things start going wrong and you don’t have Cold Snap / Ice Block to recover, try to run away and drop aggro.

Is frost or fire mage better TBC?

Frost has better defense so you have more uptime. Not only can monsters often not reach you, but you also have Ice Barrier which is extremely good at avoiding knockback and taking damage. You can go the infamous AoE grind route which can give absurd amounts of exp when done in the right area and done well.

Is Fire Mage good for leveling TBC?

Fire Mage is one of the two viable leveling specs for Mages. Fire provides a ton of damage and is useful for both questing and doing dungeons. As Fire, you excel at putting out high amounts of damage, both single target with and AoE with and , meaning you can speed through a ton of monsters at once.