What strain is sour strawberry diesel?

Strawberry Sour Diesel: A powerful and potent punch Specifically speaking, Strawberry Sour Diesel is 25 percent indica and 75 percent sativa. Strawberry Sour Diesel packs a powerful and potent punch when smoked, the plant produces fat and compact stinky buds that have a THC content of up to 22 percent.

Is strawberry diesel indica or sativa?

While Strawberry Diesel’s early effects are predominantly sativa, its indica effects take over and produce a relaxing body high. Some find this strain helps with focus and drive in its initial stages due to the clear-headed nature of its cerebral effects.

Is Sour strawberry a sativa or indica?

Sour Strawberry, also known as Sour Strawberry Kush, is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid strain first grown in the United States.

What terpenes are in Strawberry Diesel?

Major Terpenes

  • Myrcene. 40.6%
  • 21.2%
  • 11.9%
  • 6.9%
  • 6.2%
  • 4.5%
  • 2.2%
  • 2%

What is Strawberry Diesel?

Strawberry Diesel is a hybrid strain of cannabis. It is a cross between NYC Diesel and the original Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough, both renowned strains in their own right. Users will be provided with a pleasant and balanced experience, deeply relaxing the muscles while providing mental clarity with correct dosage.

Is Strawberry diesel a hybrid?

What kind of strain is sour strawberry?

Sour strawberry is an indica-leaning hybrid strain with an irresistible flavor along with calming, soothing effects. It is the offspring of Strawberry Kush and has some intense mood enhancement capabilities. It is also useful in assisting with depression and mental disorder symptoms.

Why is my strawberry sour?

In most cases, it’s the strawberry’s inability to fully develop that leads to a sour taste. If the weather was cold, cloudy, or rainy during the growing season in May and June, or if temperatures soared to extreme levels, then your berries could be sour or bitter in response.