What swear words are in October Sky?

At least 2 “s” words, 12 damns, 10 hells, 7 S.O.B.’s, 2 asses, and 1 use each of “G-damn,” “God,” “Jesus,” “Swear to God” and “For God’s sakes.”

What happens in chapter 22 of October Sky?

Chapter 22: ”We Do the Math; Auks XXIII – XXIV” Their next design takes Sonny several hours of calculations and a pep talk from Quentin. He begins to doubt his own mathematical abilities but ends up with designs for what is sure to be their greatest rocket yet.

What did Roy Lee do in October Sky?

Roy Lee is Sonny’s best friend in October Sky. After his father’s death in the mines, he is able to get a car from the insurance settlement. A good-looking guy, Roy Lee is into girls and is something of a ladies’ man who encourages his friend to date more.

Is October Sky okay for kids?

It’s an adaptation of Homer Hickam’s nonfiction memoir, “Rocket Boys,” and the fact that it’s based on a true story is all the more inspirational and meaningful for young adults. I would argue though, that it’s MPAA rating should be PG-13. it’s definitely a little too mature for children younger than 13.

What happens to the Auk XXII D?

As Homer works, he visits the Reverend Richard, who tells Homer that he had a dream in which Homer walked on the moon. Unfortunately, the BCMA’s next launch is a total failure: Auk XXII explodes on the launchpad, suggesting that the zinc fuel isn’t stable enough to be useful.

What was the name of their snakeroot Slackdump?

What was the name of their Snakeroot slackdump? Cape Coalwood.

What’s wrong with odells leg in October Sky?

Sherman Siers has a weakened left leg as a result of polio, but does not let it slow him down. He is also the most observant and practical member of the team. At the age of 34, Sherman died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Roy Lee Cooke is Sonny’s best friend.

How old was Jake Gyllenhaal in October Sky?

17 years old
The film’s star, Jake Gyllenhaal, was 17 years old during filming, the same as Homer Hickam’s character. In an interview in 2014, Natalie Canerday recalled that Gyllenhaal was tutored on set because he was still in school and taking advanced classes.