What voices does Pamela Hayden do on The Simpsons?

Pamela Hayden voices Milhouse Van Houten, Jimbo Jones, Rod and Todd Flanders, and more.

Who voices Milhouse in Simpsons?

Pamela HaydenMilhouse Van Houten / Voiced byPamela Hayden is an American actress and voice actress, known for providing various voices for the animated television show The Simpsons, such as Milhouse Van Houten. Wikipedia

Who Voices Martin in The Simpsons?

Russi TaylorMartin Prince / Voiced byRussi Taylor was an American voice actress. She is best remembered as the official voice of Minnie Mouse from 1986 to 2019, and was notably married to voice actor Wayne Allwine, the voice of Mickey Mouse, until his death on May 18, 2009. Wikipedia

What voices does Nancy Cartwright do?

Cartwright does the voices of Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Todd Flanders, Ralph Wiggum, Kearney Zzyzwicz, Database and more. In the 1998 remake of Godzilla, she and fellow Simpsons voice cast members Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer appeared. In 2000, she published an autobiography, My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy.

Does Marge Simpson have a new voice?

As of “Marge The Lumberjill,” Grey DeLisle-Griffin has taken on the voice acting duties of Taylor’s iconic Simpsons (which are now technically also Disney) characters. Executive producer Al Jean made the announcement on Twitter, in an effort to get DeLisle-Griffin a warm welcome from The Simpsons’ fanbase.

Who voices chief Wiggums wife?

Pamela Hayden
Pamela Hayden born November 28, 1953 is an American actress and voice actress, known for providing various voices for the animated television show The Simpsons (1989) including Bart Simpson’s unlucky best friend Milhouse Van Houten, teenage thug Jimbo Jones, Ned Flanders’ first-born son Rod, Chief Wiggum’s wife and …

Did they change Marge’s voice?

Marge’s raspy voice is only slightly different from Kavner’s, who has a “honeyed gravel voice” which she says is due to “a bump on [her] vocal cords.” While Marge is her most famous character, Kavner’s favorite characters to voice are Patty and Selma because “they’re really funny and sad at the same time.” In The …

Why did Martin’s voice change?

Martin Prince is set to make his return to The Simpsons following the death of voice actor Russi Taylor. Passing away in July at the age of 75, Russi had voiced numerous characters on The Simpsons across its 30 year history, including Martin, twins Sherri and Terri and Wendell.