What was carpet bombing Vietnam?

Carpet bombing, also known as saturation bombing, is a large area bombardment done in a progressive manner to inflict damage in every part of a selected area of land. The phrase evokes the image of explosions completely covering an area, in the same way that a carpet covers a floor.

Who used carpet bombing?

In the Pacific War, carpet bombing was used extensively against Japanese civilian population centers, such as Tokyo. On the night of March 9–10, 1945, 334 B-29 Superfortresses heavy bombers were directed to attack the most heavily populated civilian sectors of Tokyo.

What was the largest bomb dropped in Vietnam?

Ermey explains that a daisy cutter is a civilian term for the worlds largest conventional bomb, known as the BLU 82 or Big Blue 82. This bomb was first used in Vietnam to clear landing zones for helicopters and is the size of a small car. Big Blue 82 is still in use today and remains virtually unchanged.

When was carpet bombing used?

(The term “carpet-bombing” was first applied in Spain’s 1936-1939 civil war.

What kind of bombs were dropped in Vietnam?

USAF/USN/VNAF/RLAF aircraft used The North American T-28 Trojan was extensively used by the Vietnamese Air Force and the Royal Lao Air Force for close air support and other bombing missions. Upon occasion, the Lockheed C-130 Hercules was used to drop M-121 bombs that were too large to be carried by smaller aircraft.

What is the difference between carpet bombs and cluster bombs?

Cluster bombing a populated area in order to kill individual soldiers is not unlike carpet bombing a city in order to destroy separate military bases. In both cases the attack is indiscriminate. The after-effects of cluster munitions also raise concerns under IHL.

Why is it called a daisy cutter?

The BLU-82B/C-130 weapon system, known under program “Commando Vault” and nicknamed “Daisy Cutter” in Vietnam for its ability to flatten a section of forest into a helicopter landing zone, is an American 15,000-pound (6,800 kg) conventional bomb, delivered from either a C-130 or MC-130 transport aircraft or a CH-54 …

What was dropped on Vietnam?

Between 1965 and 1975, the United States and its allies dropped more than 7.5 million tons of bombs on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia—double the amount dropped on Europe and Asia during World War II. Pound for pound, it remains the largest aerial bombardment in human history.