What was daily life like in medieval towns?

These towns were crowded, noisy and smelly. At dawn, a bell would ring to begin the day. Townspeople would attend their first religious mass of the day. Towns were not healthy places to live.

What did people do for fun in medieval towns?

Drama, Dance, and Tournaments People would entertain themselves with song, dance, music and stories. Wandering entertainers, called minstrels or troubadours, would travel from village to village providing such entertainment – particularly music – for the local people. They were paid in food and sometimes coins.

What was work like in a medieval town?

Weavers, shearers, dyers, drapers, even tailors, cotton makers, embroiderers and needle makers were all part of the industry. In terms of industry size, food production and retail, textile work, construction work and international trade were the main employment sectors of the late medieval city.

What were in medieval towns?

Medieval towns were vibrant hubs of activity, housing an array of people from political and spiritual leaders to traders, craftsmen, inn-keepers and brothel owners. Here, Dr Alixe Bovey explores what went on inside city walls. Medieval writers were unsure about towns.

What was life like for medieval children?

From a young age, children were expected to help out at home with tasks suited to their age and development. They could care for animals and siblings, fetch and carry, cook, and even help out in the family business.

What did medieval people do in free time?

Thanks to their favoured position in life and the labour of the peasants on their estates, nobles in an English medieval castle had plenty of leisure hours which could be frittered away by eating, drinking, dancing, playing games like chess, or reading romantic stories of daring-do.

What did medieval peasants do for fun?

Despite not having modern medicine, technology, or science, peasants still had many forms of entertainment: wrestling, shin-kicking, cock-fighting, among others.

What were three different types of medieval entertainment?

Board Games were very popular in this era, people played Chess, Backgammon, The Philosopher Game, Fox & Geese, Knucklebones, Hazard and many others. Chess was the most played one after it got introduced to Europe from Persia in the 9th century.

What was a typical medieval town?

The typical layout of a Medieval city included large structures not far from where the defensive walls were erected, a wide-open space that stretched beside the protective buildings and homes normally located in the southeast. The walls had towers and outer surrounding moats. Cities followed a circular route.