What was New Zealands population in the 1950s?

Population. The post-war ‘baby boom’ was the main contributor to a population increase of nearly 400,000 during the 1950s. But it was an immigrant on the Captain Hobson who in September 1952 officially took New Zealand’s population past the two million mark.

What is the population of New Plymouth NZ?

Population statistics 80,679 people usually live in New Plymouth District. This is an increase of 6,495 people since the 2013 Census. New Plymouth District has 1.7 percent of New Zealand’s population.

What was the population of NZ in 1951?


1950. 1951.
Number. Rate per 1,000 of Mean Population.
Total population 18,084 9.67
Marriages (European) 16,504 8.93
Infant deaths under one year—

What was the population of New Zealand in 1953?

The population of New Zealand in 2020 was 4,822,233, a 0.82% increase from 2019….New Zealand Population 1950-2022.

New Zealand – Historical Population Data
Year Population Growth Rate
1953 2,040,232 2.38%
1952 1,992,798 2.30%
1951 1,947,931 2.09%

What was life like in the 1950s in New Zealand?

The 1950s are sometimes called a ‘golden age’ in New Zealand history. With World War II over and the economy booming, spirits were high. But the decade was not all golden weather – optimism and fear lived side by side. Likewise, the influences of Britain and the United States struck an uneasy balance.

What was happening in the 1950s in NZ?

The 1950s saw New Zealanders fight in the Korean War, conquer Mt Everest and crack the 2 million population mark, among many other things. We provide an overview of the decade and a year-by-year breakdown of some of the key events.

Why is New Plymouth called New Plymouth?

The name comes from the port of Plymouth, in Devon, England, as many of the first European settlers came from Devon and Cornwall. It was settled by the Plymouth Company, a subsidiary of the New Zealand Company.

Is New Plymouth a good place to live?

New Plymouth was named the most liveable city, for a population between 75,000-150,000, by the International Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom) at an online ceremony on December 8.

What was the population of New Zealand in 1948?


1947. 1948.
Number. Number.
Total population 17,442 17,285
Marriages (European population) 18,525 17,192
Infant deaths under one year—

What was the population of New Zealand in 1940?

about 1,600,000
Quick facts and figures: The population of New Zealand in 1940 was about 1,600,000. About 140,000 New Zealand men and women served, 104,000 in 2NZEF, the rest in the British or New Zealand naval or air forces.

How many people were in NZ in 1940?

What was the average wage in New Zealand in 1950?


Table 2: Full-Time Wage/Salary Earners aged 20-24
1950/51 $15,290
1955/56 $17,310
1960/61 $19,400
1965/66 $21,560