What were the core arguments of the Webster-Hayne debate?

It was motivated by a dispute over the continued sale of western lands, an important source of revenue for the federal government. While the debaters argued about slavery, the economy, protection tariffs, and western land, the real implication was the meaning of the United States Constitution.

What issue was central to the Webster-Hayne debate?

protectionist tariffs
The Webster–Hayne debate was a famous debate in the United States between Senator Daniel Webster of Massachusetts and Senator Robert Y. Hayne of South Carolina that took place on January 19–27, 1830 on the topic of protectionist tariffs.

What was the issue in the Webster-Hayne debate quizlet?

An argument between Daniel Webster and Robert Hayne, about the issue states’ rights versus national power. Webster said that Hayne was a challenge to the integrity of the Union. Hayne responded with a defense of the theory of nullification.

Which of the following is true of Robert Y Hayne during the Webster Hayne debate?

(Q005) Which of the following is true of Robert Y. Hayne during the Webster-Hayne debate? He believed that only the states had the right to nullify federal laws they disliked. (Q028) During the economic depression following the Panic of 1837, Van Buren supported emergency government aid for the unemployed.

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How did the Hayne-Webster debate lead to the Civil War?

These irreconcilable views of national supremacy and state sovereignty framed the constitutional struggle that led to Civil War thirty years later. It is worth noting that in the course of the debate, on the very floor of the Senate, both Hayne and Webster raised the specter of civil war 30 years before it commenced.

What did Hayne and Webster argue about the policy of protectionism?

That led into a debate on the economy, in which Webster attacked the institution of slavery and Hayne labeled the policy of protectionist tariffs as the consolidation of a strong central government, which he called the greatest of evils. All of these ideas, however, are only parts of the main point.

Who were the debaters in the Webster-Hayne debate?

One of those was the Webster-Hayne debate, a series of unplanned speeches presented before the Senate between January 19th and 27th of 1830. The debaters were Senator Daniel Webster of Massachusetts and Senator Robert Y. Hayne of South Carolina.

What caused the heated speeches between Webster and Hayne?

The heated speeches between Webster and Hayne themselves were unplanned and stemmed from debate over a resolution by Connecticut Senator Samuel A. Foot calling for the temporary suspension of further land surveying until land already on the market was sold (to effectively stop the introduction of new lands onto the market).