What words follow the Floss rule?

Examples of words that follow the FLOSS rule:

  • gruff.
  • sniff.
  • fluff.
  • cuff.
  • hill.
  • doll.
  • grill.
  • pill.

What is the Floss rule Orton Gillingham?

The Rule: Double the f, l, s or z at the end of a one syllable word with a short vowel. Exceptions: Does not apply when the final s sounds like /z/.

What words do not follow the Floss rule?

Like most spelling rules in English, there are exceptions to the Floss rule. The main exceptions are words that end in “s” but sound like “z” (known as voiced consonants). Words that fall into this category are: words that end in “s” but have a “z” sound (was, is, his)…

  • bus.
  • chef.
  • gas.
  • if.
  • pal.
  • this.
  • yes.

What is Rabbit rule in phonics?

The Rabbit Rule. The Rule for Doubling the Middle Consonant. If there is one middle consonant sound after a short vowel in a two-syllable word, the middle consonant is doubled.

How do you teach floss rules?

Discuss the meanings of any unknown words. When a one-syllable words ends in f, l, or s, double the final f, l, or s (for example, snif, fall, mess). We call this the floss spelling rule because the word floss follows this rule and includes the letters f, l, and s to help us remember the rule.

Is Grass a floss word?

According to this simple Floss spelling rule, these letters double at the end of a word when they follow a short vowel sound. Thus, words like huff, puff, stuff are ‘f’ floss words. Hills and pills are ‘l’ floss words, while grass and miss are ‘s’ floss words.

What is the Tiger rule?

Tiger Rule ti/ger v/cv When one consonant comes between two vowels, divide after the vowel.

What is the rule for FF?

At the end of one-syllable words that have a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) IMMEDIATELY followed by either an f, l, or s or sometimes z, you MUST double the consonant.