What year was season 4 of American Chopper?

2006 – 2007
American Chopper – Senior vs Junior: Season 4 (2006 – 2007)

How did Paul teutul lose his money?

The 68-year-old motorcycle enthusiast is also facing foreclosure on his home in Montgomery, New York. In addition to all that, Paul is also in the middle of a lawsuit for fraud — several business partners claim Paul sabotaged a TV project, which led to them losing millions of dollars.

Why did OCC stop using Justin?

So Justin announced that he could no longer paint for OCC under the circumstances. The producers of the show wanted to televise a heated fight between him and Paul Teutul Sr. over Justin leaving on the show, but Justin just wouldn’t do it. Just like his demeanor, he left quietly.

How did Paul teutul lose all his money?

Why is American Chopper so popular?

American Chopper premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2003, relatively early in the reality TV era, and the show’s unique mix of human relationships and workplace drama really helped solidify the format followed by countless other reality shows set in interesting and unusual places of business.

What happened to American Chopper?

American Chopper returned to TV in 2018, a beneficiary of a television-wide “reboot” craze in which a variety of old, familial favorites shot new seasons of episodes. It’s amazing that even happened for American Chopper, seeing as how the previous attempt to revive the show, Orange County Choppers: American Made, was mired in lawsuits.

Are choppers fights staged for the benefit of reality TV cameras?

All those fights between Senior and Junior were apparently not staged for the benefit of reality TV cameras. Tensions ran so high at Orange County Choppers that in 2008, Paul Teutul Sr. fired Paul Jr. from the shop, even though he co-owned it.

Where did American Chopper take place?

Production took place at Teutul’s original shop in Rock Tavern, New York, where the pilot of American Chopper was proposed. “Walking into the old shop brought back a surge of emotions and…