Whats the meaning of mull over?

Ponder, think about
Ponder, think about, as in She mulled over the offer for some time and then turned it down. [ Late 1800s]

What is mull over example?

phrasal verb. If you mull something over, you think about it for a long time before deciding what to do. McLaren had been mulling over an idea to make a movie. [ VERB PARTICLE noun] I’ll leave you alone here so you can mull it over. [

What is another word for mull over?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for mull-over, like: think over, excogitate, mull, chew-over, speculate, ruminate, meditate, contemplate, ponder, muse and reflect.

Where does the term mull over come from?

The grinding of a mill was the origin of mull; the metaphor was extended in America in 1873 to mental grinding; the novelist Jack London used “mull it over” in that sense in a 1910 letter.

Is mulling over a verb?

The verb mull means to think deeply about something, the way you might mull over your choice of what college to attend. When you mull something over, you ponder or seriously consider it.

How do you use Mull in a sentence?

Mull sentence example

  1. She didn’t have much time alone to mull their conversation or her troubled thoughts.
  2. I have to mull it around in my head a bit more if you don’t mind.
  3. As he drove back to town, he continued to mull over what Under Sheriff Larkin had said about Fitzgerald.

What is mulling over Brainly?

to think carefully about something for a period of time: I need a few days to mull things over before I decide.

Is mull over correct?

People are most likely to mull over important decisions, but you can use the word mull, almost always with over, any time you’re giving serious consideration to something.

What are some examples of mulling over Brainly?

I am mulling over the expansion of my business to overseas. You have been mulling things over for weeks now, if you don’t give them an answer soon, they will employ someone else. My friend is mulling over the idea of adopting a baby. She woke up early in the morning and started mulling things over.