When did the Bulahdelah bypass open?

June 2013
FEARS that the Bulahdelah bypass would spell disaster for the local economy have almost faded to a distant memory. The 8.6km stretch of highway was officially opened in June 2013, and four years on, many businesses have reported a thriving trade.

What lga is Bulahdelah in?

Mid-Coast Council local government area
Bulahdelah /bʊləˈdiːlə/ is a town and locality in the Hunter/Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia in the Mid-Coast Council local government area. At the 2016 census, the locality had a population of 1,424.

What is Bulahdelah known for?

The river is a known fishing spot for, blackfish and perch. There is a Bulahdelah-based company – Luxury Houseboat Hire, tel: 0410 437 225 or check out http://luxuryhouseboat.com.au/ and Getaway Luxury Houseboats, tel: 1800 620 202. They have a range of houseboats for hire.

What LGA is Barrington Tops?

Barrington Tops is in the local government area of ‘Gloucester’.

How big is dungog?

2248 sq Kilometres
Geography. Dungog Shire covers an area of 2248 sq Kilometres. The Council is situated in the Barrington tops region and has a population of approximately 9,100.

Is bulahdelah a good place to live?

Bulahdelah has really come into its own as a lovely place to live. It used to be a really busy part of the Pacific Hwy. But it has been bypassed some years ago. People are now realising what a lovely part of the world it is now to live.

What council is Hawks Nest in?

Great Lakes Council is located in New South Wales. The Council covers an area of 3376 km² and has a population of 33,982. Population centres located within the municipality include; Forster, Tuncurry, Bulahdelah, Hawks Nest, Tea Gardens, Nabiac, Failford, Pacific Palms and Stroud.

How old is Dungog?

Dungog Shire was occupied by Koori people up to about 40,000 years before European settlement. The Kooris living in the area from what is now known as Brookfield to the headwaters of the Williams and Chichester rivers up to the Manning River belonged to a tribe known as the Gringai who are a sub-group of the Worimi.

How did Dungog get its name?

Origin of Name The area around Dungog was the home of the people of the Gringai Aboriginal language group. It is probable that ‘dungog’ is a corruption of a local word (probably ‘tunkok’) meaning ‘place of thinly wooded hills’. Prior to being named Dungog the settlement was known simply as Upper Williams.

What does Bungwahl mean?

To the south are Bungwahl, coming from a word for swamp or “fern root food”, and Buladelah, meaning “meeting of the waters”. Ask most non-indigenous Australians the meaning of any Aboriginal place name and their guess might be “place where the waters meet”.

What LGA is tuncurry in?

Mid-Coast Council LGA
Tuncurry is a coastal town in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia, in the Mid-Coast Council LGA, about 308 km (191 mi) north north east of Sydney.

Why are hawks called Hawks Nest?

Origin of Name There was a time, long before satellite navigation, when the large nest of a hawk was used as a navigational marker to indicate the entrance to Port Stephens. That is how this place became known as Hawks Nest.