When was Frederick Douglass birthplace?

Frederick Douglass
Born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey c. February 1817 or 1818 Cordova, Maryland, U.S.
Died February 20, 1895 (aged 77–78) Washington, D.C., U.S.
Resting place Mount Hope Cemetery
Political party Republican

What Plantation was Frederick Douglass born on?

Holme Hill Farm
Born into slavery in February of 1818, Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey never knew his actual birthday. He chose for himself February 14, and gave himself the name Frederick Douglass. Douglass was born on Holme Hill Farm, near Hillsboro, on the banks of Tuckahoe Creek.

Where did Frederick Douglass grow up in?

Baltimore, Maryland
Frederick Douglass was born in slavery to a Black mother and a white father. At age eight the man who owned him sent him to Baltimore, Maryland, to live in the household of Hugh Auld. There Auld’s wife taught Douglass to read.

Where did Frederick Douglass live?

Washington, D.C.
Frederick Douglass/Places lived

When did Frederick Douglass live in Baltimore?

August 1824 – Sent to live on Lloyd Plantation, Wye River, at the home of his master, Aaron Anthony. February 1825 – Mother visits him for the last time before her death late in 1825 or early in 1826. March 1826 – Sent to live with Hugh Auld family in the Fells Point section of Baltimore.

What part of Maryland did Frederick Douglass live in?

Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey was born into a world of slavery on Maryland’s eastern shore in Talbot County.

When did Frederick Douglass move to Baltimore?

1826. Sent to live with Hugh Auld family in Baltimore. 1827. Asks Sophia Auld to teach him his letters.

Where did Frederick Douglass live after slavery?

New Bedford, Massachusetts
After escaping from slavery, Frederick married Anna. They decided that New York City was not a safe place for Frederick to remain as a fugitive, so they settled in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Was Frederick Douglass from Baltimore?

Born into slavery, Douglass lived in Baltimore as a child. He spent most of his time in Fells Point learning to read and write and working in shipyards before he escaped to freedom in 1838.