When was Portmeirion Pomona made?

Pomona by Portmeirion Pomona, named for the Roman goddess of fruit, was created in 1982 by Portmeirion designer Susan Williams-Ellis, who drew her inspiration from historic illustrations and the rounded shapes of seed pods and gourds.

Is Portmeirion still made?

It was launched in 1972 and, with new designs added periodically, is still made today, the most successful ceramics series of botanical subjects.

Is Portmeirion still made in England?

Portmeirion Group is a British company selling ceramic tableware, giftware, glassware and home fragrance products worldwide. Our six unique and established homeware and fragrance brands have over 750 years of collective life: Portmeirion, Spode, Wax Lyrical, Royal Worcester, Pimpernel and Nambé.

Is Portmeirion Botanic Garden made in China?

But when I get to Portmeirion and the factory in Stoke in Trent, I find out it was in fact made in China. The company does make about half its output in Stoke. They say the “Made in England” sticker they put on the bottom of those goods is a real selling point in Korea – their biggest customers.

Who owns Portmeirion now?

Ymddiriedolaeth Clough
Portmeirion is owned by a registered charity called Ymddiriedolaeth Clough Williams-Ellis Foundation and it cannot be bought or sold.

Is Portmeirion pottery collectible?

Famous for its distinct shapes and beautiful patterns, Portmeirion Pottery is one of the most collectable in the world. A beautiful selection of vintage and new Portmeirion Pottery is sure to tempt collectors and those looking for eye-catching tableware from a famous name.

Do Portmeirion dishes contain lead?

Portmeirion China: 88,900 ppm lead, when tested with an XRF instrument. The owner (a friend of mine) told me that this was purchased new as a wedding gift in 1999. Made in England. The amount of lead that is considered toxic in an item intended for children is anything 90 ppm lead and higher.

Are Portmeirion dishes microwave safe?

Designed for modern day living, Portmeirion’s tableware is “oven-to-table”, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Some items can even go from freezer to oven (providing the dish is at least half full with food or liquid).

Can Portmeirion go in the oven?

Where is Portmeirion water garden made?

Stoke on Trent, England
This product is designed in our studios in Stoke on Trent, England. This item is manufactured outside of the UK to the stringent quality and craftsmanship that Portmeirion Group is known for.

Is Portmeirion china lead free?