When was the German president elected?

In order to exercise this power, they traditionally act above party politics. The current officeholder is Frank-Walter Steinmeier who was elected on 12 February 2017 and re-elected on 13 February 2022.

When was Frank Walter Steinmeier elected?

He was elected president by the Federal Convention on 12 February 2017 with 74% of the vote.

Who succeeded Angela Merkel?

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel Bundeskanzlerin a. D.
Preceded by Gerhard Schröder
Succeeded by Olaf Scholz
Leader of the Christian Democratic Union
In office 10 April 2000 – 7 December 2018

What’s the difference between a president and a chancellor?

The president serves a four-year term which is renewable once. The chancellor is a servant of the Ministry of Education who supervises regional educational districts. There is no hierarchical relation between the president and the chancellor.

Who has been re elected as the president of Germany in February 2022?

2022 German presidential election

Nominee Frank-Walter Steinmeier Max Otte
Home state Berlin North Rhine-Westphalia
Electoral vote 1,045 140
Percentage 78.04% 10.45%

Who is the best chancellor in Germany?

In May 2015, YouGov asked 1111 Germans to name the best German chancellor in their opinion:

  • Helmut Schmidt – 24%
  • Konrad Adenauer and Angela Merkel – 18%
  • Willy Brandt – 15%
  • Helmut Kohl – 9%
  • Gerhard Schröder – 5%
  • Ludwig Erhard – 4%
  • Kurt Georg Kiesinger – 1%

Who is running Germany now?

Chancellor of Germany

Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
Incumbent Olaf Scholz since 8 December 2021
Executive branch of the Government
Style Mr. Chancellor (informal) His Excellency (diplomatic)
Status Head of government