When was the movie Torque made?

January 16, 2004 (USA)Torque / Release date

What bikes were in the movie Torque?

The First On screen presence of Y2k Turbine Powered Bike, Aprilia Mille RSV, Triumph TT 600, Honda RC 51, Honda CBR 954, Some Amazing Customs by Jesse James, Triumph Daytona 955i, Yamaha YZF R6, Kawasaki Ninja 250, Kawasaki ZX 7R, Suzuki GSXR. Cool Harley Davidson Models, this Movie has it all.

Is torque part of Fast and Furious?

However, Torque was made by Warner Bros, while The Fast and the Furious is made by Universal. Torque specifically references The Fast and the Furious at one point, taking a line directly from the film.

What is the movie Torque about?

When biker Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) discovers some motorcycles filled with crystal meth, he stows them away. But it turns out that villainous gangster Henry James (Matt Schulze) has plans to recover his drugs. James frames Ford for the murder of Junior (Fredro Starr), the brother of Trey (Ice Cube), who heads the Reapers, a notoriously malicious biker gang. Ford goes on the run in an attempt to clear his name, while the FBI and multiple groups of motorcycle-mounted marauders chase after him.Torque / Film synopsis

Is torque a parody?

According to Kahn, he wanted to helm Torque as a parody of the ridiculous Fast & the Furious movies, but Fast franchise producer Neal H. Moritz and the studio wanted a more serious Fast & the Furious on motorcycles, not a goofy comedy. The end result was basically a less expensive goofy knock off of the Fast movies.

What Greek letter is torque?

The symbol for torque is typically {\boldsymbol {\tau }} or τ, the lowercase Greek letter tau. When being referred to as moment of force, it is commonly denoted by M.

Is the force that produces rotation?

Torque is a measure of the force that can cause an object to rotate about an axis. Just as force is what causes an object to accelerate in linear kinematics, torque is what causes an object to acquire angular acceleration.

How much is a Y2K motorcycle?

This $270,000 ‘Superbike’ is one of the fastest motorcycles in the world. With a top speed of 250 miles per hour, the Y2K Superbike is one of the fastest motorcycles in the world.

Does Netflix have torque?

Watch all you want.