When was the Red Ensign first used?

The term “Red Ensign” is often used to refer to the Canadian Red Ensign, the former de facto national flag of Canada. It was informally adopted following Canadian Confederation in 1867 and, from 1892, it was the official flag for use on Canadian merchant ships.

What is the significance of the Red Ensign flag?

In the early years of federation, the red ensign was an important symbol of Australian identity as the main flag used by private citizens on land and at sea. Australians have fought under it during both world wars.

What is an ensign flag?

Definition of ensign 1 : a flag that is flown (as by a ship) as the symbol of nationality and that may also be flown with a distinctive badge added to its design. 2a : a badge of office, rank, or power.

What does the Red Ensign signify?

Can you fly the Canadian Red Ensign?

During the Second World War, the ensign saw use as symbol that represented Canada’s armed forces. In 1945, an order in council named the Canadian Red Ensign a “distinctive Canadian flag” to fly on government buildings….Canadian Red Ensign.

Adopted 1957 (earlier versions from 1868 and 1921)
Relinquished 1965

What is the difference between a flag and an ensign?

Government Ensign (or State Ensign)—A flag designating national identity of non-military vessels in government service. National Flag—The flag flown by citizens of the country and usually used to represent the country abroad. For some countries the state flag would be used instead (e.g. Argentina, Haiti and Spain).

What is the difference between the red and Blue Ensign?

This means in black and white photographs of the flag, it is usually possible to tell which ensign the flag is: In the Blue Ensign, the shade of grey will be uniform between the background of the Union Jack and the rest of the flag, whereas in the Red Ensign, the background of the Union Jack will be a darker shade of …