Where are doTERRA oils sourced?

Co-Impact Sourcing Stories

  • Co-Impact Sourcing Stories. Learn about a few of our projects by viewing and downloading the Sourcing Story Brochures below! Co-Impact Sourcing. Albania. Brazil.
  • Hawaii. India. Kenya.
  • New Zealand. Nepal.

Where is doTERRA frankincense sourced?

doTERRA’s Frankincense essential oil is a proprietary blend of four species of Frankincense resin sourced from northeast Africa and the Arabian peninsula: Boswellia carterii, Boswellia frereana, Boswellia papyrifera, and Boswellia sacra.

Can I take on guard while breastfeeding?

Children, older adults, women who are pregnant, and women who are breastfeeding shouldn’t use this essential oil blend without first consulting their medical provider. You should also talk to your provider before use if you have a serious health condition or any skin conditions, such as eczema.

What is Healing Hands doTERRA?

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.

Where are doTERRA products manufactured?

Pleasant Grove, UT
Company Description: Doterra Manufacturing, LLC is located in Pleasant Grove, UT, United States and is part of the Chemical and Allied Products Merchant Wholesalers Industry.

What tree is frankincense from?

genus Boswellia
Frankincense resin is obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia (family Burseraceae). Incisions are made in the trunks of the trees to produce exuded gum, which appears as milk like resin. The resin hardens into orange-brown gum resin known as frankincense.

Can I diffuse OnGuard around baby?

And before bringing your child to crowded places, drop a few drops of OnGuard® essential oil and rub it beneath your child’s feet. It’s an instant immunity booster! dōTERRA essential oils are safe to use on children, babies and even newborns.

Is frankincense oil safe while breastfeeding?

Three essential oils recommended for breastfeeding women: Produced by the Indian Boswellia Serrata tree, Frankincense has been found to have anti-inflammatory and anti-depressive effects, making it ideal for women with tender breasts and tender hearts.

When did doTERRA Healing Hands start?

June 2010
Since its founding in June 2010, doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has empowered people and communities worldwide to make positive and sustainable change.

What is a doTERRA wellness advocate?

doTERRA “Wellness Advocates” come from all backgrounds, countries and walks of life. Without question, they’re passionate about health and wellness, and caring for people. A doTERRA Wellness Advocate is a person who is committed to sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world.

How to be successful selling doTerra?

doTERRA is a product based company so the easiest way to start selling is to use and become educated on the products. Get a starter kit, open it up, and dive right in! Remember, you don’t have to be an expert in essential oils to share them with people. Once you start using your doTERRA products, think of who else would benefit from these products.

How to start a doTerra business?

Add complimentary products to sell in your business

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    Essential oils are pure aromatic compounds of awesome-ness.

  • They smell amazing.
  • Essential oils are in a liquid form.
  • You can use them aromatically,topically,or internally.
  • They come from plants and are safe and natural.
  • doTERRA oils are CPTG grade.
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