Where are GT Radial tyres made?

Singapore. GT Radial tyres are manufactured by Singapore-based global tyre company Giti Tire. The manufacturer offers a complete range of tyres and services in more than 130 countries.

Who manufactures GT Radial tyres?

Giti Tire
Who Makes GT Radial Tires? GT Radial tires are manufactured by Giti Tire. The Singapore-based Giti Tire Group is one of the largest tire companies in the world and has been in the tire business since 1951.

What are GT Radial tyres?

GT Radial are a mid-range brand, supplying high-quality tyres that have been designed to offer brilliant performance in a range of conditions.

Are GT Radial tires Chinese?

GT Radial is the leading brand of GITI Tire, a world-class tire manufacturer based in Singapore, Indonesia. Established in 1951 as Gajah Tunggal, it now proves to be the largest tire manufacturer in Asia and 14th-largest in the world.

Does Indonesia make good tires?

Indonesia is a leading rubber producing country, and makes for a hub of rubber processing industries, especially those dealing in tires. The country has several home grown tire manufacturers, such as PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk, and PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk, which are leading in tire manufacturing across the world.

Is GT Radial a Chinese company?

The first is that you’ve probably never heard of the company. The second is that, since it’s a Chinese tire maker, you probably aren’t interested in hearing about it. But GT Radial provides original-equipment fitments on over 100 models in its home market, including General Motors, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz products.

Where are Giti Tires Made?

Giti Tire operates world class manufacturing plants in China, Indonesia, and the United States vertically integrated into strategic raw materials to mitigate supply risk and quality control which also covers quality services for customers.

What brand tires are made in Indonesia?

Some of the major players operating in Indonesia tire industry: PT Gajah Tunggal TBK. PT Suryaraya Rubberindo Industries. PT Sumi Rubber Indonesia.

What tires are made in Indonesia?

As a result, many large tire manufacturers are represented in the archipelago with state-of-the-art factories such as Bridgestone, Goodyear, Hankook or Michelin. There are a total of 14 tire manufacturers in the country.

Who makes GT Radial Maxtour tires?

Who Makes GT Radial Tires? GT Radial tires are manufactured by Giti Tire. Singapore-based Giti Tire Group, one of the largest tire companies in the world, has been in the tire business since 1951.

Are Bridgestone made in Indonesia?

Bridgestone Astra Indonesia (BSAI) held a grand opening ceremony for its new manufacturing plant in Purwakarta, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. BSAI was established in August 2015 as a joint venture between Bridgestone and PT Astra Otoparts Tbk (Astra Otoparts).

Where are GT Maxtour tires made?

The GT Radial Maxtour LX grand touring tire is being introduced in North America to provide CUV and passenger car owners a quiet and smooth ride, combined with excellent traction and handling. The majority of the size offering is produced at the Giti manufacturing plant in Chester County, SC.

Is Maxtour a good brand?

These tire have an excellent ride quality to them and seem to have VERY LOW road noisy. They handle well as well. These tire are a great value. They’re made by Giti Tire company from a ultramodern Giti plant in the USA.

What is the best Chinese tire brand?

The ranking of the best Chinese tyres

  • Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. :
  • Giti Tire (China) Investment Co., Ltd. :
  • Sailun Jinyu Group Co., Ltd. :
  • Shandong Ling long Tire Co., Ltd. :
  • Zhengxin Rubber (China) Co., Ltd. :
  • Double star Group Co., Ltd. :
  • Triangle Tire Co., Ltd. :

Are Chinese tyres safe?

When it comes to the topic of Chinese tyres, it is true that they are made with less advanced technologies and poorer rubber compounds. They also may have worse performance and are not overall as safe as the ones by premium brands.

Should I buy Chinese tyres?

“Chinese truck tyres are of a good standard, but they are obviously not premium products. We therefore recommend them for vehicles that cover shorter distances. They also work well on vehicles that are not operated in the harshest road and weather conditions.