Where are the Kjolen mountains located?

a mountain system on the Scandinavian Peninsula, primarily in Sweden and Norway. The system extends some 1,700 km from the northeast to the southwest and is from 200 to 300 km wide in the north and up to 600 km wide in the south. The highest elevation, Galdhøpiggen, rises to 2,469 m.

Where are the Nordic mountains located?

The Scandinavian Mountains run through Norway and Sweden. The Scandinavian Mountain Range runs along the Scandinavian Peninsula. It is sometimes referred to as the Scandes. The western side of the range borders the Norwegian and North seas while the northwest end leads towards Finland.

What is the name of the mountain range in Sweden?

The Scandinavian Mountains or the Scandes is a mountain range that runs through the Scandinavian Peninsula.

What mountain range separates Norway and Sweden?

The Scandinavian mountains separate Norway and Sweden. They are also called the Scandes, and they extend all of the way to Finland.

Where are the locations of mountains?

By size

Name Continent(s) Highest point
Hindu Raj Asia Koyo Zom
Alaska Range North America Denali
Saint Elias Mountains North America Mount Logan
Caucasus Mountains Europe and Asia Mount Elbrus

What mountain range is in Finland?

Mount Halti, Finnish Haltiatunturi, Swedish Haldefjäll, Norwegian Reisduoddarhaldde, also called Mount Haltia, highest mountain in Finland, rising to 4,357 feet (1,328 metres) at the extreme northwestern tip of Finnish Lapland on the Norwegian border.

What is the highest peak in the Scandinavian Mountains?

JotunheimenScandinavian Mountains / Highest point

Where are the mountains in Sweden?

Kebnekaise, mountain range in the län (county) of Norrbotten, northern Sweden. It lies 25 miles (40 km) from the Norwegian border and about 103 miles (166 km) north of the Arctic Circle. The name is a Sami word meaning “kettle top.” One of its peaks, Mount Kebne (6,926 feet [2,111 metres]), is the highest in Sweden.

Which Scandinavian country is the most mountainous?

Norway is by far the most mountainous country in Scandinavia. The majority of the country is covered by mountains. The least mountainous is Denmark….

What mountain range am I in right now?

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range runs north-to-south along the west coast of the United States mostly in the state of California and some in the state of Nevada. It is around 400 miles long and 70 miles wide.

Where are mountains in Finland?

Finland is not famous for its mountains, but in the very north-west corner of the country – around 69 degrees north of the equator – lies a wilderness area with several peaks reaching above 1000 metres. It is called the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area, with “käsivarsi” meaning “arm” in Finnish.