Where are the Whitsunday Islands in Australia?

Queensland coast
The Whitsundays is an archipelago of 74 tropical islands located just 55 kilometres (34 miles) off the Queensland coast, next to the Great Barrier Reef.

Who owns Whitsunday Island?

China Capital Investment Group
The buyer, Shanghai-based China Capital Investment Group, snapped up the Daydream Island (West Molle) Resort and Spa last year from Nature’s Own founder Vaughan Bullivant for about $30 million. The 4.5-star resort has 296 rooms and suites. The company was founded by Chuanyou Zhou, the chairman and CEO.

What is Whitsunday Islands known for?

silica sand beaches
With thousands of visitors coming from near and far every year, the Whitsundays is internationally famous for its pristine silica sand beaches, luxurious island resorts, flourishing fringing reefs, and perfect tropical temperatures!

What is a Whitsunday?

British Dictionary definitions for Whitsunday (2 of 2) Whit Sunday. noun. the seventh Sunday after Easter, observed as a feast in commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles 50 days after EasterAlso called: Pentecost.

Why is it called Whitsunday?

On 3 June 1770, James Cook sailed the Endeavour through the passage of water to the west of Whitsunday and Hook Island, and to the east of Daydream Island and South Molle Island on a day known as ‘Whit Sunday’, the Sunday of the feast for the Christian festival of Pentecost, and called the body of water ‘Whitsunday …

Does anyone live on Whitsunday Island?

Whitsunday Island is a highly protected national park that has nobody living on it.

Why is Whitsunday so called?

The name comes from Captain James Cook, the first European to navigate the east coast of Australia, when he sailed here on 4 June in 1770. He was struck by the area’s beauty and named the island after the day he thought it was – “Whit Sunday”, the seventh Sunday after Easter, in the Christian calendar.

Why are the Whitsunday Islands named?

James Cook named the islands after the Duke of Cumberland, known as the Cumberland Isles. There are several groups of islands known as Whitsunday islands, Lindeman group, Sir James Smith group and the Anchor islands group. These days the 74 islands are more commonly known as the “Whitsundays”.

How old are the Whitsundays?

The Whitsunday Islands were originally formed by volcanic action, 110 million years ago. The land that was to become Australia was scattered with volcanoes, and movements of the earth’s crust were slowly but surely breaking up the super-continent Gondwana.

How big is Whitsundays?

109.2 mi²Whitsunday Islands / Area

Is Whitsundays a good place to live?

The Whitsundays is one of the best places on the planet for a holiday but there are around 20 000 people living in the region who are lucky enough to call the Whitsundays home. The staff living on the resort islands often changes from season to season and these jobs are much desired.

What happened on Whitsunday?

Whit Sunday 2023 Pentecost is a Christian holiday commemorating the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the disciples of Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament of the Bible. It is also known as Whitsunday, or Whit Sunday.

Where are the Whitsunday Islands?

The northernmost of the islands are situated off the coast by the town of Bowen while the southernmost islands are off the coast by Proserpine. The island group is centred on Whitsunday Island, while the group’s commercial centre is Hamilton Island.

What was the population of the Whitsunday in 1947?

Population Year Population (Total) Population (Bowen) Population (Whitsunday) 1933 11,477 7,543 3,934 1947 11,700 8,083 3,617 1954 13,094 8,518 4,576 1961 14,604 9,491 5,113

What settlements are in the Whitsunday Region?

The Whitsunday Region includes the following settlements: The Whitsunday Regional Council operate public libraries at Bowen, Cannonvale, Collinsville, and Proserpine.

Who is the mayor of Whitsunday Region Queensland?

Whitsunday Region Queensland Established 2008 Area 23,819 km 2 (9,196.6 sq mi) Mayor Andrew Willcox Council seat Proserpine