Where can I find good deals on snowboards?

These are five websites for cheap snowboarding gear.

  • Backcountry.com. Backcountry.com is one of the Internet’s biggest discount online retailers for outdoor sports gear (including plenty of cheap snowboarding gear).
  • The House.
  • Steep and Cheap.
  • Altrec.
  • Sierra Trading Post.
  • Skis.com.

What size snowboard do I need for my height?

Since most snowboarders ride a board that is 85% to 92% of their own body height, plugging a couple numbers into a simple formula can tell you the board length that might fit you best. The formula is as follows: Your Height (in inches) X 2.54 X 0.88 = Your Recommended Board Length.

What is the average price of a snowboard?

The cost of a good-quality snowboard from a good, reliable snowboarding brand will be anywhere from $400 to $1000.

Where is the best place to buy snowboards online?


  • The House.
  • Backcountry.com.
  • Snowboards.com.
  • REI Co-op.
  • Platform.
  • Snowboard Equipment (Hard Goods)
  • Snowboard Clothing (Soft Goods)
  • Does Burton ever have sales?

    Yes, it’s hard to believe. Snowboarding master and legend Burton Sale is featured on the Moosejaw website! It’s not very often we’re able to run exclusive profiles and interviews featuring industry stars such as him, so we are well aware of the importance of this occasion. Burton Sale!

    How do you get a snowboard on sale?

    Best time of the year. There are a few times of year that are better than others for buying snowboards. Between April and August (if you are in the northern hemisphere) is often when major retailers will have sales to get rid of stock they haven’t sold during the previous season.

    How much should I spend on snowboard bindings?

    After you’ve bought a snowboard, you will need snowboarding boots. You can find a decent pair of snowboarding boots for as little as $50 to $60. More high-end boots will be in the $200 $300 range. Snowboard boots are an essential part of your gear….

    Gear Price
    Snowboard $300
    Bindings $150
    Boots $200
    Gloves $100

    How much does the average snowboard cost?

    Depending on your needs, it is crucial to choose the right one for you. Generally speaking, a kid snowboard can cost up to $60, a pro snowboard can cost between $200- $1000, a woman snowboard can cost up for $500 for a higher-end while a man snowboard can cost up to $1000.

    What size snowboard does a 5’9 person need?

    Snowboard Sizing Chart Based on Height

    Rider Height (ft/in) Rider Height (cm) Snowboard Size (cm)
    5’8″ 173cm 152-155
    5’9″ 175cm 153-157
    5’10” 178cm 154-159
    5’11” 180cm 155-160

    Is it OK to leave bindings on snowboard?

    This will protect the base and help to stop rust build-up. Unscrew and remove your snowboarding bindings before you store it away for the summer. This will help to maintain the camber (Bend) of your board for better turns.

    Is 50 too old to learn to snowboard?

    If you’re 50 or older and want to learn how to snowboard, it’s not too late.