Where can I find Ralts in Pokémon Platinum?


Platinum Diamond
Walking in tall grass or a cave
Route 203 +21% L4–6
Route 204 south, towards Jubilife City +21% L4–6
Route 208 15% L17–18

What is the Pokedex No of Ralts?

Ralts (Pokémon)

Ralts Feeling Pokémon ラルトス Ralts #280 Images on the Bulbagarden Archives
Type Psychic Fairy Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
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Pokédex color White Base friendship 35

Is Ralts in the Sinnoh Dex?

Getting Ralts with the PokeRadar Obtain the PokeRadar from Professor Rowan after completing the Sinnoh Pokedex once you’ve beaten the Sinnoh Champion. Go to Route 203 or Route 204 South and use the Radar. Ralts will appear in the tall grass.

How do you get a male Ralts in Pokémon Platinum?

Obtain a male Ralts.

  1. Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald – Ralts can be captured on Route 102 connecting Oldale Town and Petalburg City.
  2. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl – Ralts can be captured on Routes 203 and 204.
  3. Pokémon Platinum – Ralts can be found on Routes 208, 209, and 212.

Is Ralts a good pokemon in platinum?

Is Ralts a good pokemon? Ralts is a fairy/psychic type pokemon which is obviously a very good pokemon to have knowing the fact that it has a good type combination. Ralts evolves into the beautiful dancer Kirila, and have two options for final evolution depending upon its gender( Gardevoir/Gallade).

Which is better Gallade or Gardevoir in platinum?

Gallade has better typing, though, as he takes normal damage from dark type moves unlike Gardevoir, but keep in mind, Kirlia also needs a somewhat rare Dawn Stone in order to evolve into a Gallade, and it also has to be male.

Is Ralts a rare Pokémon?

Ralts is a rare Psychic and Fairy-type Pokémon. Pokémon Go players will want to catch as many as they can, and they’ll have their chance this Saturday for the Ralts Community Day event.

Can a male Ralts evolve into Gardevoir?

Ralts works a little differently, as once it evolves into Kirlia, its evolutionary path diverges into two. Kirlia can evolve into either Gardevoir or Gallade, depending on the player’s actions in the game.

Is Ralts a good Pokémon in platinum?

Can a male Ralts become Gardevoir BDSP?

Gardevoir can only be obtained through evolution in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Players will need to catch Ralts in a Pokémon Hideaway, or unlock the National Pokédex and catch a Kirlia in the Dazzling Cave. Whichever form players catch, it will need to be female to evolve into Gardevoir.