Where can I watch plays in Phoenix?

8 Best Theaters to Watch a Play in Phoenix, AZ

  • Herberger Theater Center.
  • The Phoenix Theatre Company.
  • Orpheum Theatre Phoenix.
  • 3rd Street Theater at Phoenix Center for the Arts.
  • The Madison Center for the Arts.
  • Arizona Theatre Company.
  • Valley Youth Theatre.
  • Space 55 Theatre Ensemble.

What shows have been on at the Phoenix Theatre?

Productions at Phoenix Theatre

Show Opened Links
The Exorcist October 2017 Review
Evita August 2017 Review
The Girls January 2017 Review
Dirty Dancing December 2016

How do you audition for the Phoenix Theater?

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  1. Follow the instruction guidelines provided in the email by The Phoenix Theatre Company.
  2. Please upload the provided Audition Form PDF with the information filled out in the form.
  3. Upload Video(s) : What to prepare for your audition video:

How many seats are in the Phoenix Theater?

1,012Phoenix Theatre / Capacity

Where are the Broadway shows in Phoenix?

Phoenix Symphony Hall in the Phoenix Convention Center, 75 N. Second St., Phoenix. Tickets start at $34. 602-495-1999, phoenixsymphony.org/.

When did the Phoenix Theatre open?

The Phoenix Theatre opened in 1930 with the premiere of Noel Coward’s Private Lives starring Coward himself and illustrious talent has featured ever since.

How old is the Phoenix Theatre?

92Phoenix Theatre / Age (c. 1930)

How long is the show come from away?

1 hour and 30 minutes
Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes with no intermission.

Does Phoenix Theatre have a cloakroom?

There is a cloakroom in which large items can be placed for the duration of the show.

Who owns Arizona Broadway Theatre?

Kiel & Cassandra Klaphake
A dream and vision manifested in reality in the fall of 2005 by two working New York City-based actors, Arizona Broadway Theatre (ABT) is truly a “family affair” lead by power-couple Kiel & Cassandra Klaphake (Founders and Executive & Artistic Producers of ABT).