Where did the Bedfordshire clanger originate from?

Bedfordshire clanger

Alternative names Hertfordshire clanger, Trowley dumpling
Type boiled suet dumpling (traditional); baked pastry (some modern recipes)
Place of origin United Kingdom
Region or state South Midlands (Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire; also Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire)

Why is it called a Bedfordshire clanger?

The name is as intriguing as the food itself. The word clanger, it had been suggested, referred to the mistake of mixing sweet and savoury fillings. But a more likely explanation was that in nearby Northamptonshire dialect, ‘clang’ means to eat voraciously.

What is in a Bedfordshire clanger?

With both sweet and savoury in crumbly shortcrust this Bedfordshire clanger is a winner for any lunchtime. We’ve plumped for tried and tested flavours, with a ham and potato filling featuring in the savoury side and an apple and cinnamon mixture filling the sweet side.

What is a clanger in Britain?

The clanger is an elongated suet crust dumpling similar to a pasty, with a savoury filling at one end and a sweet filling at the other, comprising a main course and dessert in one package.

Do the clangers have names?

Small Clanger: Small Clanger is the son of Mother and Major Clanger, and the older brother of Tiny Clanger. Small Clanger is very inquisitive and inventive, which – despite his best intentions – has sometimes led to some element of chaos amongst the Clangers, the soup pump being a classic example.

What does dropped a clanger mean?

Definition of drop a clanger British, informal. : to make a very bad or embarrassing mistake.

What is bacon badger?

Pies and Pastries. Suet pastry pasty filled with chopped bacon, onion and potato. Steamed. The origin of the name is obscure, it does not contain badger (though it could, see Badger) and may be connected with an old usage of ‘badger’ to mean a trade dealer, especially in flour.

What is bacon clanger?

An old fashioned British Pudding brought up to date, bacon, red onions and mushrooms all rolled into a suet pudding casing. Course Main. Cuisine British. Keyword bacon, Bacon Clanger, suet pudding.

What does it mean to drop a clanger?

What language do the Clangers speak?

They speak only in a whistled language. They eat only green soup (supplied by the Soup Dragon) and blue string pudding. The programmes were originally broadcast on BBC1 between 1969 and 1972, followed by a special episode which was broadcast in 1974.

Was the original Clangers in black and white?

The series of 32 hand-drawn animated episodes was first shown in black and white in 1959 and revived in colour for a further 40 episodes in 1976.

Where does the phrase dropped a clanger originate?

The word clanger is simply British slang for a blunder and refers to a mistake whose effects seem to “clang,” or ring out. The root of clanger – clang – stems from the Latin “clangere” and Greek “klange” meaning to resound or ring. “Everyone drops a clanger now and then.