Where does the 7 passes start?

The seven passes route was constructed by Thomas Bain and his brother in law, Adam de Smidt. Bain started at Knysna and the route from George was the responsibility of de Smidt.

Which are the seven passes?

The seven passes, in order from George to Knysna, are:

  • Kaaimans River Pass.
  • Silwer River Pass.
  • Touw River Pass.
  • Hoogekraal Pass.
  • Karatara Pass.
  • Homtini Pass.
  • Phantom Pass.

How long is the Seven Passes road?

The Seven Passes route is a 75km trip that takes you past 7 gorges cut deep by rivers flowing to the sea. Legendary engineer Thomas Bain designed the road in 1883, but it was a sweaty business for the great road engineer.

Is the Seven Passes road open?

ROAD CLOSURE: Saasveld Road (Madiba Drive) between George and the NMU Campus. Madiba Drive between George and the NMMU Campus is closed until further notice.

What is there to do between George and Knysna?

The Slow Life –7 Detours On The N2 Between George And Knysna

  • VICTORIA BAY OR HEROLDS BAY – first ‘warm’ swim of the holiday.
  • WILDERNESS – water, water everywhere.
  • SEDGEFIELD – slow town lifestyle.
  • BUFFALO BAY – top beach on the coast.

How many kilos from George to Knysna?

The distance between George and Knysna is 55 km. The road distance is 60.9 km.

What is the Phantom Pass Knysna?

The mysteriously named Phantom Pass is the final pass on the Garden Route’s string of “Seven Passes” between George and Knysna. The 7,4 km of narrow, gravel road descends to the famously picturesque Knysna River Lagoon, and finds its end-point at the N2.

How long is the Montagu Pass?

The Montagu Pass lays claim to being the oldest, unaltered pass still in use in South Africa. This 7.4km narrow gravel road was completed in 1848 and built to replace the highly dangerous Cradock Pass. The pass climbs to an altitude of 780m passing through indigenous forest and mountain fynbos.

How far is George from Knysna to Cape Town?

Distance between George, Western Cape and Knysna, Western Cape is 63.8 km

@ Speed Time
70 Km/h (43 mph) 0 Hours 55 minutes
60 Km/h (37 mph) 1 Hours 4 minutes
45 Km/h (28 mph) 1 Hours 25 minutes
30 Km/h (18 mph) 2 Hours 8 minutes