Where in california is Boeing located?

Huntington Beach
Company Description: The Boeing Company is located in Huntington Beach, CA, United States and is part of the Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing Industry.

What does Boeing do in Long Beach CA?

Boeing’s work in the Long Beach design center includes customer support operations, advanced concept engineering, and upkeep and support of the C-17 and other out-of-production planes.

Is Boeing still in California?

Chicago-based Boeing listed the property Monday, a move that signals the end of Boeing’s military aircraft production in Southern California, at least for the foreseeable future.

Does Boeing have a plant in California?

Boeing started tours of the factory when it was building the first 747 and since then more than 3.5 million people have seen the facility. The Everett campus is now building the company’s newest plane, the Boeing 777X, a revamp of the widely used 777.

Is Boeing still in Huntington Beach?

Ceir Coral recognizing Coral’s transfer of leadership to the newly established contract management office and the official disestablishment of DCMA Boeing Huntington Beach.

Where are Boeing headquarters?

Arlington, VABoeing / HeadquartersArlington is an unincorporated community south of Cape Charles in Northampton County, Virginia, United States. Wikipedia

Why did Boeing leave Long Beach?

The facility builds C-17 Globemaster III military cargo planes that carry food, equipment and supplies. The closure will impact nearly 3,000 Boeing employees, including about 2,000 people in Southern California. Boeing said it is closing the facility because there weren’t enough orders for the planes.

How many employees does Boeing have in California?

Employment Data

Alabama Arizona California
3,039 4,428 12,440

When did Boeing leave Long Beach?

It can operate in remote regions that lack modern runways. But as orders dwindled, Boeing announced in September 2013 that it would close its last assembly plant in Long Beach.

Where are Boeing military planes built?


  • Huntsville, Alabama (Spacelab, International Space Station, Delta, Ground-based Midcourse Defense)
  • Mesa, Arizona (AH-64, AH-6i)
  • Anaheim, California.
  • El Segundo, California (satellite complex: 601, 702)
  • Long Beach, California (C-17 until 2015)
  • Palmdale, California (Space Shuttle)
  • Pleasanton, California.

What are they building in Huntington Beach on PCH?

The Huntington Beach desalination plant is expected to be completed by 2018. Image courtesy of Poseidon. The Huntington Beach desalination plant will be located in an existing industrially zoned area along the Pacific Coast Highway at Newland Street. Image courtesy of WPPilot.

Where are Boeing factories located?

Boeing’s major production facilities are located at three different locations in the US. The Everett and Renton facilities are both situated in Washington State, whereas the third plant is located in Charleston, South Carolina.