Where is American Tactical 1911 made?

The ATI FX Military 1911 is made by Shooters Arms Manufacturing in the Philippines.

Where is ATI made?

Complete rifle, 100% made in USA and Assembled in our Summerville, SC Facility! This rifle is ready to take to the range with made in America pride.

Where are American Tactical 1911 made?

Who is American tactical owned by?

Tony DiChario
“This move to South Carolina will help ensure a solid foundation for our company,” says Tony DiChario, president and founder of American Tactical Imports.

What caliber is American Tactical Omni hybrid?

The correct caliber is imprinted on the gun. 5.56mm or . 223 Remington Brass Cased with a minimum of 55 grain.

Is the ATI Omni hybrid mil spec?

The “Omni” is mil-spec so any brand of AR 15 upper will fit.

How powerful is the ATI FX45 pistol?

Powerful enough to take down and put a big hole in its target. First of all, this pistol won’t cost you an arm or a leg and it’s a good catch, knowing most of the 1911 pistols can cost $700 to $1,500 or even higher. The power you adored from a 1911 is there. One thing I noticed about the ATI FX45, the trigger is crisp but a bit stiff.

How big is the American tactical FX45?

The American Tactical FX45 has a 5-inch barrel with a 4140 chrome-moly steel. It has a 7+1 mag capacity. This semi-automatic, single-action pistol has a matte black color and a blued finish. It is 8.46 inches long, 5.28 inches in height and weighs 37 ounces.

Why buy the American tactical fxh-45 Moxie?

Here’s why, but first, some specs. The American Tactical FXH-45 Moxie is a hybrid polymer framed pistol. There have been hits and misses with polymer 1911’s over the years and I have run a polymer 1911 I liked far more than anticipated, so I was curious about this one.

Is the American Tactical Supply FX series a good 1911?

This beauty from the American Tactical Supply has all the features you loved in a 1911 at a price point that won’t break the bank. With its compatibility with various brands of 1911 magazine, the FX series is certain to have the 1911 pistol enthusiasts set for hours of satisfactory shooting.