Where is brownsville guitars made?

Brownsville Guitars were started in the 1990’s and discontinued in the 00’s. They are all imports, most from Korea. … More.

Where are Memphis basses made?

About This Listing. 1970s Lawsuit-Era Memphis Precision Bass Guitar, Made in Japan, and in an awesome Natural Wood finish.

Are LA bass guitars any good?

Dependable Build Quality The build quality and attention to detail are impressive, especially for an entry level model, and the high quality gloss finish lends the guitar with style. Whether you’re an outright beginner or a more accomplished player, the LA Bass Guitar is an instrument which won’t let you down.

Does Peavy make good bass guitars?

There is no catch at all. USA Peavey basses were uniformly great instruments, and most of them work fine as live or studio instruments. The only thing to watch out for is that many of them are fairly old and may have the sort of wear and tear that any used instrument will have.

What guitars are made in Memphis?

Gibson Memphis Guitars Located in the heart of Tennessee, the Gibson Memphis factory is known for crafting the majority of Gibson’s incredible semi-hollow and hollowbody instruments. These guitars are overflowing with the soul of the city they’re born in, and they represent the ultimate in both vibe and versatility.

What is a la bass?

For bassists of all skill levels. The LA Bass Guitar an ideal first bass or a second instrument for a developed player. Our entry level LA Bass Guitar is made from paulownia wood and is light and comfortable to hold making it great for younger players and beginners.

Is gear4music bass good?

MusicRadar Verdict. If you’re looking for a complete, basic, value-for-money package to get your bass playing off the ground, this is a good place to start.

Is Peavey a good brand for bass?

All in all, the Peavey Milestone is a long-scale, heavy, and affordable bass. It looks like a J-bass but packs some interesting extra features you wouldn’t find anywhere else. It can be a great beginner’s instrument because of its friendly price, unique construction, bright tone, and ease-of-use.

Why did Gibson Close Memphis?

The factory had been making all Gibson’s semi-hollow and hollow bodied guitars. But as Gibson entered financial troubles last year, the decision was made to sell it off. Gibson was adamant it would stay in Memphis and made an announcement stating that it would keep a production facility open in the city.

When did Gibson leave Memphis?

In December 2017, the Gibson Guitar Factory building in downtown Memphis was sold to Somera Road, an investment company in New York. Two years later Gibson closed the Memphis factory and moved hollow-body production to Nashville. It also moved its Nashville headquarters to Cummins Station in 2019.

Who makes Chicago bass guitars?


Type Private
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, USA
Area served Global
Key people John Pirruccello, President
Products Solid and hollowbody electric bass guitars.