Where is Lambert in Gwent old pals?

Vernon Roche is at the Temerian Partisan Camp in Gustfields. Lambert is most easily found at Kaer Morhen, but you can gain access to him while in Novigrad during the secondary quest, Following the Thread.

Can you find Lambert after kaer morhen?

BEFORE Kaer Morhen and after following the thread you can find Lambert in a crappy bar in the NE region of Novigrad near the hospital.

Where is Lambert after quest?

After you have finished “Following the Thread” you can find Lambert sitting in the Nowhere Inn, in Novigrad.

Where is Lambert at Kaer morhen?

In The Witcher, he is wandering around the ground floor of Kaer Morhen or busy in the courtyard for the duration of the Prologue.

What happens if you don’t help Lambert?

Ultimately, it is up to you whether you choose to spare Karadin or help Lambert kill him. There are no real consequences to the quest as Lambert will still consider you a friend, regardless of the choice.

Can you save Lambert without Keira?

It’s up to you to save him in time, or else he dies permanently. Or at least that is the case if Keira Metz isn’t around. If you do her entire questline and keep her alive, then you get the chance to bring her to the Witcher Keep. If she’s there during the skirmish, she always saves Lambert no matter what.

When can I play Lambert in Gwent?

You should be able to play him after completing The Final Trial per usgamer. This is the part of the quest that will require some patience, as you can only play Lambert after you travel to Kaer Morhen to complete the Ugly Baby main quest.

How do I start Lambert quest?

This quest can be started by checking the notice board in Hierarch Square in Novigrad for the notice Contract: Monster in the Bits. Go talk to the supervisor, who will reveal that the beast is already being hunt down by a “brave fool” that turned up, additionally he’ll tell you the location of the incident.

Is Geralt Gwent card missable?

Moderator. AFAIK the Geralt card is missable just like the three cards you can win at the Vegelbuds’ party.