Where is last document in MongoDB?

MongoDB compass get last inserted document

  1. Open the MongoDB compass and connet to the server.
  2. Select the existing database and collection where you want to get the last element of the document.
  3. You can also create the new database and collection.
  4. Here, we are using the demo collection of the test database.

How do I fetch recent records in MongoDB?

  1. In order to get last N records you can execute below query:
  2. db. yourcollectionname. find({$query: {}, $orderby: {$natural : -1}}). limit(yournumber)
  3. if you want only one last record:
  4. db. yourcollectionname. findOne({$query: {}, $orderby: {$natural : -1}})

Where is last record in MongoDB compass?

I wish to view in MongoDB Compass the last N documents in a very large collection; too many to scroll through….

  1. In the Query Bar, click Options.
  2. Enter an integer representing the number of documents to skip into the Skip field.
  3. Click Find to run the query and view the updated results.

What does find () do in MongoDB?

Find() Method. In MongoDB, find() method is used to select documents in a collection and return a cursor to the selected documents. Cursor means a pointer that points to a document, when we use find() method it returns a pointer on the selected documents and returns one by one.

How do I view MongoDB records?

To get stats about MongoDB server, type the command db. stats() in MongoDB client. This will show the database name, number of collection and documents in the database. Output of the command is shown in the following screenshot.

What is $$ root in MongoDB?

The $$ROOT variable contains the source documents for the group. If you’d like to just pass them through unmodified, you can do this by $pushing $$ROOT into the output from the group.

What is $first in MongoDB?

This means $first returns the first order type for the documents between the beginning of the partition and the current document.

How do I run a query in a MongoDB compass?

  1. In Compass, use the left navigation panel to select the database and the collection you want to import the data to.
  2. Click the Documents tab.
  3. Click Add Data and select Insert Document.
  4. Ensure that View is set to JSON, or {} , and paste the copied JSON documents in the field.
  5. Click Insert.

How do I search for a specific document in MongoDB?

Find method in MongoDB Query is used to fetch a particular document from the MongoDB collection. There are totally six methods available in Mongo DB by which we can fetch particular records….Those methods include:

  1. find()
  2. findAndModify()
  3. findOne()
  4. findOneAndDelete()
  5. findOneAndReplace()
  6. findOneAndUpdate()