Where is Neptune right now astrology?

Neptune is currently in the constellation of Pisces. The current Right Ascension is 23h 42m 56s and the Declination is -03° 06′ 15”.

How long does Neptune transits last?

“Neptune stations retrograde only once a year, spending nearly half of the year there, as these retrograde cycles normally last between five to six months.”

What are Neptune transits?

In fact, the entire point of a Neptune transit is to get us closer to divinity in some way. Neptune in its most beautiful expression is spiritual awakening; the ability to unconditionally love and to absolve oneself of any feelings of guilt and disappointment so that we can focus on the light.

Is Neptune a good planet in astrology?

Neptune is the planet of inspiration. The higher octave of Venus, Neptune brings beauty to a higher, more spiritual level. It also holds sway over dreams, the subconscious, illusions, fantasies and all things magical and enchanting. Neptune intensifies intuition and teaches us to be deeply compassionate.

When did Neptune enter Pisces 2021?

April 12
But on April 12, both Jupiter and Neptune are transiting through dreamy Pisces and meeting at the same degree in the sky. There is something special and rare about both of these planets’ occupying Pisces, the psychic and sensitive water sign.

Is Neptune in Pisces right now?

Neptune has returned to its home sign of Pisces, an epic shift that will last from February 3, 2011 until January 2026. Neptune in Pisces is a transit that only occurs every 165 years or so, a banner time for art, spirituality and the emergence of secret information.

Is Neptune in retrograde right now?

Neptune retrograde happens every year, but in 2021 it occurs its home sign of Pisces from Friday, June 25 to Wednesday, December 1. Neptune, the god of the sea, is a dreamy planet that rules imagination and psychic inspiration.

How long is Neptune return?

Neptune spends approximately 14 years in each sign (with occasional shorter dips into neighboring signs when it’s retrograde) and takes 160-ish years to move through the whole zodiac. Back in 2012, Neptune moved into Pisces and it will stay there until 2026. This is first time it’s been in Pisces since 1862!

Is Neptune a malefic planet?

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto aren’t technically assigned, but they can be considered malefic when in difficult aspect (distance between the planets).

When was Neptune in Pisces last?

Neptune has an extremely long orbit; it takes 165 years to move through the entire zodiac, with 14-year journeys across each of the 12 signs. In 2011, Neptune entered Pisces, where it will continue drifting until 2026.