Where is PGL located in UK?

PGL Head Office PGL’s Head Office is based at Alton Court, on the outskirts of the small town of Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire.

What does PGL stand for in schools?

Although children often refer to us as ‘Parents Get Lost’, the company actually takes its name from the man who started it all in the 1950s – Peter Gordon Lawrence.

Can parents go to PGL?

PGL Family Adventures are the ideal solution for single parents and there is plenty of opportunity for both parents and children to socialise with other families. We offer a wide choice of rooms for smaller families and single, or solo parent families that have no low-occupancy charges.

What do you do in PGL?

From abseiling, raft building and zip wire to archery, climbing and riding on the giant swing, there’s something to suit every member of your family! With holidays, short breaks, weekends and more to choose from, there’s a Multi Activity experience to suit every family’s busy schedule.

Who owns PGL Travel?

HB Education LimitedPGL Travel / Parent organization

Is Peter Gordon Lawrence still alive?

Peter Gordon Lawrence, businessman: born Enfield, Middlesex 11 June 1935; founder and chairman, PGL Travel 1957-2004; married 1971 Rosemary Barton (marriage dissolved), 2003 Lucile Mazer; died Hereford 13 August 2004.

What does PGL stand for in slang?

3. Pl. is sometimes used as a written abbreviation for please. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

Can you bring your phone to PGL?

The decision to bring a mobile device to PGL is down to each individual parent and your trust in your child’s ability to use it responsibly and without causing harm or disturbance to others. Children need to take responsibility for their own actions and be capable of making appropriate choices in relation to phone use.

Is PGL religious?

Religious Requirements We will be pleased to support any child’s needs to opt out of our programmes on religious grounds, for example if an activity or event is felt inappropriate; to pray or for any other purpose confirmed by a parent or guardian.

Is the food included in PGL?

Unlike many other family holidays, almost everything you need is included in our price and once you arrive there are no expensive surprises to spoil your holiday. All our holidays include accommodation, three meals a day, all your programmed activities, equipment, instruction and more!

What age is PGL for?

13-16 year olds.

Is PGL a private company?

PGL Travel Ltd is a company founded in 1957 and is a provider of school activity courses and summer camps for children in the United Kingdom….PGL Travel.

Traded as PGL
Headquarters United Kingdom
Area served United Kingdom, France, Australia
Services Holiday camps and activities
Owner Midlothian Capital Partners