Where is the biggest mardens in Maine?

Find Bargains in Scarborough If you’d like to check out our largest store, head to our Scarborough location. We’re located just about 1-mile away from The Maine Mall and we’re loaded with great deals. We’re a must stop shop on your next bargain hunting adventure!

Who owns Marden’s?

the Marden family
Marden’s is wholly owned by the Marden family. Governor LePage worked for the Marden family as the GM of Marden’s from 1996 through 2010.

Is mardens only in Maine?

Marden’s Surplus and Salvage is an independent family-run chain of retail stores in Maine. It was founded in 1964, and as of 2020 had 14 locations….Marden’s.

Type Private
Number of locations 14
Website https://www.mardens.com/

Can I return to any mardens?

Marden’s has a 30 day ‘No Fuss’ money-back guarantee, providing the customer has the original receipt. In the event that the customer does not have the original receipt, Marden’s may issue a Merchandise Credit in the amount of Marden’s current price. All merchandise must be returned in its original condition.

Where is renys in Maine?

Robert H. Reny opened his first store in Damariscotta, Maine. In 2004, two of his sons began running the chain….Renys.

Type Private
Industry Retail
Founded 1949
Founder Robert H. Reny
Headquarters Newcastle, Maine , United States

Who started mardens of Maine?

Harold “Mickey” Marden
The family-owned company, started by Harold “Mickey” Marden back in 1964, has been helping customers save pennies for years by offering discount prices on everything from clothes to food, furniture to flooring, and just about anything in between. This year, the business is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Who owns Renys in Maine?

“We’re so fortunate to have Renys,” mall owner John Larson told Mainebiz last year. Larson owned the space when Renys first moved in, though it was bought two years ago by his partners. He said the store being at the mall, which he owns the rest of, is a big part of the shopping center’s success.

Can you shop Renys online?

Yes, Renys does have an online store. With the nature of our business being so diverse, our selection changes frequently. You can expect to see a consistent offering of Renys branded items, and an assortment of gift bundles on our online store.

Who is the lady in the Renys commercial?

AR: We have very creative people here at Renys, and all of our marketing is developed internally. Mary Kate Reny came up with the logo, and with help from David Melville at Dirigo Marketing, it’s become a great success.

How many Renys are there in Maine?

Robert H. Reny opened his first store in Damariscotta, Maine….Renys.

Type Private
Headquarters Newcastle, Maine , United States
Number of locations 17 (headquarters + retail stores)
Website renys.com

Is Renys only in Maine?

Today, Renys employs over 500 employees and has 17 store locations in Maine! Renys is a third generation, family owned and operated business in the State of Maine.

Where is Renys in Maine?

Who owns mardens in Maine?

Should have bought it when you saw it at mardens?

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What did Paul LePage do?

Paul Richard LePage (/ləˈpeɪdʒ/; born October 9, 1948) is a politician who was the 74th Governor of Maine from 2011 to 2019. A member of the Republican Party, LePage served two terms as a city councilor in Waterville, Maine, before being elected Mayor of Waterville in 2004, serving until 2011. Lewiston, Maine, U.S.

How old is Janet Mills?

74 years (December 30, 1947)Janet Mills / Age

Did LePage win the election?

LePage ran for governor of Maine in the 2010 election, winning the general election with a plurality, 37.6%, in a five-candidate race. He was re-elected with a stronger plurality, 48.2% of the vote, in a three-candidate election in 2014.

Who is Janet Mills husband?

Stanley KuklinskiJanet Mills / Husband (m. 1985–2014)

How long is a Governor’s term in Maine?

The Governor is elected every four years, and no individual may serve more than two consecutive terms in this office. Departments of the Executive Branch: Administrative and Financial Services.

How many siblings does Janet Mills have?

Peter MillsJanet Mills / Siblings