Where is the Cox family from?

Cox is the 69th-most common surname in the United Kingdom….Cox (surname)

Pronunciation /ˈkɒks/ KOKS
Language(s) Old English or Welsh
Meaning Possibly derived from cock or coch, and means “from the hills”, or from cocc, which means “the little”, or derived from coch, meaning “the Red”.
Region of origin England or Wales

What ethnicity is Cox?

English: from Cocke in any the senses described + the suffix -s denoting ‘son of’ or ‘servant of’. Irish (Ulster): mistranslation of Mac Con Coille (‘son of Cú Choille’, a personal name meaning ‘hound of the wood’), as if formed with coileach ‘cock’, ‘rooster’.

How popular is the last name Cox?

In the United States, the name Cox is the 64th most popular surname with an estimated 273,570 people with that name.

Who is the richest person in Georgia?

Forbes lists 18 billionaires in Georgia.

  • #7. Dan Kurzius.
  • #6. Ben Chestnut.
  • #5. John Brown.
  • #4. Gary Rollins.
  • #3. Arthur Blank.
  • #2. Jim Kennedy.
  • #1. Bernard Marcus. – Net worth: $8.3 billion (#263 wealthiest in the world)
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Who is the richest woman in Atlanta Georgia?

Anne Cox Chambers
Residence(s) Atlanta, Georgia
Education Finch College
Occupation Media proprietor, diplomat, philanthropist
Known for Primary owner of Cox Enterprises

How rare is the last name Cox?

In the United States, the name Cox is the 64th most popular surname with an estimated 273,570 people with that name. However, in Canada, the name Cox is ranked the 296th most popular surname with an estimated 14,849 people with that name.

How common is Cox last name?

Last Name Statistics Cox is the 78th most popular surname in the United States. Cox is also popular in England, coming in as the 52nd most common surname.

What ethnicity is the last name Cox?

Where did the Cox family live in Georgia?

Members of the Cox family lived in the Wrightsborough Quaker settlement in Georgia. Richard Cox was married to Anne Hodgkin, 6-4-1774.They moved to Bush River in S.C. in 1780 with children Thomas and Mary. Headrights and Bounty Grants, Columbia County, lists Henry Cox whose wife was Mary.

Where did Joseph Cox receive land in 1790?

John Cox received Grant No. 464, 100 acres on the south side of the Neuse at the mouth of Cooper’s Branch near the main road, from the State of NC.Patents Book 2, p. 208.June 18, 1790. (Abstracted by Stephen W. Edmondson from deeds in Craven County Courthouse, July, 1991) Joseph Cox received land in 1790.Grants Book 4, p. 37.

How many children did the Cox family have?

His will refers to seven children.Mary Cox, his mother, left a will as did his sister Ann Clark Cox. 1. Ann Clark Cox, died by August, 1993. 2. Mary Coleman Cox who mentionsbrother Pleasant and sister Ann Clark Cox in her will in the 1793 and had a daughter Ann Clark Cox, a minor.

Where did Sybil Cox’s Sons live?

Sybil moved back to Mississippi where one of the sons lived and is shown with George Cox and his family in the 1860 Census.The known sons were William Cox, George Marion Cox, and James Washington Cox. Washington County, Georgia. Part of Greene County was taken from original Washington.