Where is the quartermaster at the Hoover Dam?

Lower level. The first door to the right when coming downstairs is the armory where Quartermaster Bardon can be found. The Courier can get downstairs by heading west from the door to the middle tier of Hoover Dam power plant 01.

Where is the quartermaster in Fallout New Vegas?

the Hoover Dam offices
Quartermaster Bardon, the quartermaster for the NCR in the Hoover Dam offices in Fallout: New Vegas.

Where is quartermaster Bardon FNV?

Quartermaster Bardon is the quartermaster for the New California Republic, stationed at the Hoover Dam offices in 2281.

Why is Hoover Dam important FNV?

It’s the main source of power for the whole of new vegas and it’s surrounding settlements. The Dam provides power to the whole of the Mojave.

Where is Colonel Cassandra Moore?

Hoover Dam
Cassandra Moore

Biography and appearance
Role Ranger (formerly) Hoover Dam Commander Queen of Hearts
Rank Colonel
Location Hoover Dam offices, Hoover Dam
Dialogue File Cassandra Moore’s dialogue

Where is the Hoover Dam safe room?

To the left of the front desk is an elevator to the power plant 01, and in the back is a small supply closet. On the 2nd floor a door leads to the exterior and a spiral staircase going up to the roof. The Hoover Dam safe room is also located on the 2nd floor, (very hard) locked.

Where is the Great Khan armory?

The Great Khan armory is an unmarked location in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. It is located in a basement of a destroyed house northeast of the Spring Mt. Ranch State Park, at the south entrance of Red Rock Canyon.

Would the Hoover Dam survive a nuke?

Hoover Dam, like all hydroelectric dams, uses turbines—big copper-wire-wound generators. Which makes them horrifically (and catastrophically) susceptible to the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear detonation. It wouldn’t even have to be close, but it will be close nonetheless due to Nellis Air Force Base and Area 51.

What is the best gun in Fallout: New Vegas?

Fallout New Vegas Best Weapons: All Weapons Ranked

  • That Gun.
  • Paciencia.
  • Big Boomer.
  • A Light Shining In Darkness.
  • Ranger Sequoia.
  • Medicine Stick.
  • AER14 Prototype.
  • Survivalist’s Rifle.