Where is Voltafiore?

This last thirty episodes of the final season sees the PT-73 and crew move to the town of Voltafiore, in Italy. Along with Captain Binghamton, Lieutenant Carpenter and, of course, Fuji, who hides on the 73 boat as it is shipped to its new theatre of operations.

Was the PT-73 a real PT boat?

The real PT-73 was a 78-foot Higgins boat assigned to Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 13, which saw service in the Aleutians and in the Southwest Pacific theater. On 15 January, 1945 it ran aground, and was destroyed to prevent it falling into enemy hands.

Where was McHale’s Navy movie filmed?

A remake entitled McHale’s Navy, was released in 1997 and features an appearance by Ernest Borgnine playing a 75-year old McHale. The filming location for New Caledonia is the same as the one used in the series. For more information on the main characters see the TV series McHale’s Navy.

When did McHale’s Navy go to Italy?

Summary. The fourth season premiere in this series of comedies about an unusual Navy unit during World War II. In this episode, McHale and the rest of the 73 crew are sent to the Italian coastal town of Voltafiore, where they are hailed as liberators by the unctuous Mayor Lugatto.

Was Marlo Thomas on McHale’s Navy?

Thomas appeared in many television programs including Bonanza, McHale’s Navy, Ben Casey, Arrest and Trial, The Joey Bishop Show, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, My Favorite Martian, 77 Sunset Strip, and The Donna Reed Show, among others.

How fast were the PT boats in World War II?

The Elco boats were the largest in size of the three types of PT boats built for U.S. use during World War II. Wooden-hulled, 80 feet long with a 20-foot, 8-inch beam, the Elco PT boats had three 12-cylinder Packard gasoline engines generating a total of 4,500 horsepower for a designed speed of 41 knots.

Why was McHale’s Navy Cancelled?

FOX411: You say that “McHale’s Navy” got cancelled because it was in black and white. Conway: Yes it was four years in black and white. They were coming into color and it was to go into color in the fifth year. They thought they would never be able to resell the four years in black and white so they cancelled it.

What submarine was used in Down Periscope?

USS Pampanito
The diesel submarine used in the movie is the USS Pampanito (SS 383), a WWII submarine currently (2000) on public display at Pier 45 in San Francisco, California. The USS Pampanito could not move under her own power.

Did McHale’s Navy use a real PT boat?

The vessel used for shots of the PT-73 underway was a 72-foot type II Vosper MTB (Motor Torpedo Boat), a British design built under license in the US for export to Russia. The war ended in August 1945 before the boat, the real number of which was PT-694, could be sent to the Soviet Union.

Could Ernest Borgnine speak Italian?

Borgnine, who actually lived with his mother in Italy for a couple of years, could speak fluent Italian. His given name was actually Ermes Effron Borgnino.