Which bank is WECU?

WECU is a credit union based in Bellingham, Washington offering banking services to residents of Washington state.

What does WECU mean?

Whatcom Educational Credit Union
Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU)

How do I get a new WECU debit card?

Pick from one of the following:

  1. Open an account or send a secure message in WECU Mobile or Online Banking.
  2. Open an account at wecu.com.
  3. Call us at 800-525-8703.

How do I find my WECU account number?

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  1. Click on the account in Account Summary.
  2. Scroll past Recent Transactions to Account Details.
  3. Expand the Account Details section.
  5. Find Your New Account Number.

How many digits is a Wecu account number?

Routing numbers are codes of between 8 and 11 digits used by WECU and other banks to help financial institutions identify the location of your account….Which WECU routing number do I need?

Transaction Type of routing number WECU code
Payments and debits between US accounts ACH routing number 325180113

Is WECU a local bank?

We’re local, and that’s never going to change. Neighbor to neighbor, that’s banking at its best.

How many members does WECU have?

98,000 members
WECU, with more than 98,000 members, is the largest credit union in Whatcom County.

How do I create a Wecu account?

Setting Up A WECU Regular Checking Account Is Easy. Simply open an account online or book an appointment to stop by a branch. We can explain your options, answer any questions, and help you open your account today.

How do I wire money from Wecu?

Log in to Online or Mobile Banking. Select Move Money > Transfer Money. If you are using an external account for the first time: Click Add External Account.

What is the routing number for Wsecu?

Receiving a Wire You’ll need to provide the sender with: Your account number. Your name as it appears on your account. WSECU’s routing number – 325181028.