Which candy crush level gives the most color bombs?

Level 202
Level 202 starts with 19 colour bombs on the board – the most out of any standard level. A similar level, level 400, starts with 14 colour bombs on the board.

What candy is the color bomb in Candy Crush?

. It is made of a chocolate ball with rainbow sprinkles on it. It is thought that this special candy is based on an Australian treat known as a chocolate freckle. In many ways, a color bomb works the same as in Candy Crush Saga, but the way it works in combos is the same as Candy Crush Soda Saga.

How do you get color bombs in candy crush?

For those who like strategies, my second strategy for making Color Bombs and Coloring Candies is to “fill the middle” when you have a pattern of two pairs of candies with the same color, separated by 1 candy of a different color. In the example below there are two pairs of orange candies separated by a green candy.

What happens when you mix color bomb with fish?

When I mix a color bomb and a fish the fish turn speckld but only eat 3 candies. It used to be that when you mixed these two candies it turned all candies of that color into fish.

How do you beat the bombs in candy crush?

Tips to beating the bombs

  1. Make sure you check the number on the candies as they drop in, and consider where they’ll be on the board as the number drops.
  2. Make sure to focus on the candy with the lowest number on it as priority, as this is most likely to halt your progress.

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What are the bombs with numbers in candy crush?

Candy Bombs are one of the most challenging obstacles in Candy Crush Saga. This tricky colorful blocker spawns with a number inside. The bomb counter can be as high as 50 or as low as 1. Every time you make a move, the number will decrease by one number.

What do the bombs mean in Candy Crush?

The properties of candy bombs are the same as in Candy Crush Saga. Candy bombs’ fuses count down by 1 move each time a match is made, even when inside other blockers. When a candy bomb’s fuse reaches 0, the candy bomb explodes, causing the player to fail the level. Each candy bomb removed is worth 3,000 points.