Which Eevee is best for battles?

The best Eevee evolution to choose in Pokemon Go is Umbreon, as it’s a PvP champion that really excels in the Great League and the Ultra League. It has great Defense, making it the tankiest Eeveelution here.

Is Eevee good in battle?

This means players can pick and choose their favorite to use in battle or simply collect them all, though there is still a clear pecking order in terms of how good they are….What is the best Eevee evolution to use in Pokémon Go? | All Eeveelutions Ranked.

Pokémon Flareon
Max CP 3,029
Attack 246
Defense 179
Stamina 163

What is the strongest Eevee in Pokemon Go battle?

1. Sylveon. Sylveon was only introduced to Pokemon GO in May but has instantly topped the best Eevee evolutions chart. While it is outperformed by Umbreon in both the Great and Ultra Leagues, Sylveon shines in the Master League.

Which Eevee is best for defense?

Leafeon has the highest Defense stat; Espeon and Glaceon have the highest Special Attack stat; Umbreon and Sylveon have the highest Special Defense stat; Jolteon has the highest Speed stat.

Which is the strongest Eevee?

When strictly considering CP, the strongest Eeveelution in Pokemon GO is Espeon. Espeon has the highest CP ceiling of any Eeveelution, and is capable of hitting 3,170 when the trainer hits level 40. Though Espeon is strong, it doesn’t quite run away with the category.

What is the best Moveset for Eevee?

Best moveset for Eevee The best moves for Eevee are Quick Attack and Last Resort when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

What is the hardest Eeveelution to get?

Sylveon is by far the hardest, but the rest can be replicated without too much trouble.

Should I evolve my Shiny Eevee?

Player with a few shiny Eevee to spare should definitely set a few aside to evolve into the Gen 4 Evolutions. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it seems highly likely that the Gen 4 evolutions will also have the one-time use name change trick.