Which fate is Arjuna in?

Noble Phantasm Arjuna (アルジュナ, Arujuna?), Class Name Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?), is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

How tall is Arjuna fate?


Bradamante 170cm/55kg David 171cm/62kg Anne Bonny 171cm/54kg
Arjuna 177cm/72kg Houzouin Inshun 177cm/79kg Sanson 178cm/68kg
Karna 178cm/65kg Merlin 178cm/68kg Sakamoto Ryoma 178cm/72kg
Sigurd 178cm/79kg Ozymandias 179cm/65kg Cheiron 179cm/81kg

Is Arjuna alter evil?

Originally, having lost almost all of his humanity, he conducted himself as a tool of perfect destruction. As compensation for receiving divinity and the anti-evil skill as authority from “the one that brings about the end”. However, through repeated ascensions, Arjuna’s humanity can barely be recovered.

Who is stronger Karna or Arjuna fate?

Karna was more powerful than Arjuna.

Is Arjuna a God?

According to the legend, Arjuna was a demigod, who was born as a blessing after his mother Kunti invoked the god Indra on her husband’s request. Whilst the other epic such as Devi Bhagavata also records Arjuna as a reincarnation of a rishi called Nara.

Is Arjuna Fgo good?

Arjuna’s skillset is good, but not amazing. -Clairvoyance is initially quite weak, providing a minimal bonus to a servant who doesn’t have the right cards for star gen anyway. Post-buff it does better, however, giving a solid boost to star gen and—more importantly—rendering Arjuna immune to debuffs for five full turns.

Is Arjuna alter good Fgo?

He is a really good addition to the Berserker class, he is really good, he can deal consistent high damage, his AoE NP can hit like a ST NP because of his pseudo extra damage skill making him useful in harder content, in my opinion he is the best AoE Berserker and one of the best Berserkers in the game.