Which goat is best for milking?

There are many breeds, but only a handful commonly considered the best goats for milk — such as Alpine, Saanen, Oberhasli, and Toggenburg goats that originated in the Swiss mountains. These breeds do well in cooler climates. Nubian goats do well in hot summers.

What are 5 breeds of dairy goats?

Table 2. Milk production by dairy goat breed

Breed Milk production Average (pounds) Lactation Range (pounds)
Nubian 2,018 510-3,840
Oberhasli 1,995 1,120-3,050
Saanen 2,702 920-4,870
Sable 2,385 1,540-3,120

Are Boer goats good for milk?

Yes! After the moms have their kids, they don’t just become obsolete for another season. Boers have a very creamy, rich milk. It has a high butterfat content and is comparable in taste to the best milking breeds.

What is the hardiest dairy goat to breed?

Dairy Goat Breeds. Of the six common dairy goats, the Swiss breeds (Alpine, Oberhasli, Saanen, Toggenburg) are the hardiest for colder climates. The remaining two (LaMancha and Nubian) are genetically equipped to handle extremely warm and dry climates but may be kept in the north with proper care.

What goat has the highest butterfat?

Nubians produce the highest butterfat content of the large dairy breeds. We’ve raised both Alpines and Nubians and I prefer the flavor of Nubian milk, which is sweeter and richer. Nubians, though large, are an uppity, high-energy breed. They are also extremely loud at times.

Are Nubian goats good for milk?

Nubians are known for a high butterfat yield in their milk, on average, 5 percent or more butterfat content. This amount is surpassed only by that of the Nigerian Dwarf, Pygmy goat and Boer goat breeds, all of which are less likely to be used for large scale milk production such as in a dairy or cheese making.

What happens if you don’t milk Nigerian dwarf goats?

If you do not milk your goat, the milk will harden and cause swelling and extreme discomfort. This is unfair and even cruel for your new pet. The good news is while Nigerian goats do produce a lot of milk, it is far less than other animals such as cows, so it will not take up as much time.