Which god avatar is Ayyappa?

Lord Ayyappa was the son of Vishnu & ShivaLord Ayyappa is a very popular Hindu deity, which is mainly worshipped in South India. He is also spelt as Ayyappa. It is believed that he was born out of the union between Lord Shiva and the mythical Mohini, who is also regarded as an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Is Ayyappa son of Vishnu and Shiva?

Although devotion to Ayyappan has been prevalent earlier in South India, his popularity rose only in the late 20th century. According to Hindu theology, he is the son of Harihara (Vishnu in the form of Mohini and Shiva).

Who is the God of Sabarimala?

Sabarimala temple is dedicated to Ayyappa, the God of growth. Prince Manikandan is considered an Avatar of Ayyappa. It is believed that he meditated at Sabarimala temple and became one with the divine.

Who is the father of Ayyappan God?

A late Sanskrit text describes Ayyappan as the son of Shiva and Vishnu (with the latter in his form as the enchantress Mohini). Abandoned by his parents with but a bell around his neck, he was adopted by a Pantalam king of Kerala, and, soon after, his divinity was recognized and a shrine erected to him.

Is Murugan and Ayyappa same?

Aiyappa is a divine creation son of both Vishnu and Shiva. They both were created for ending atrocity of demons, who couldn’t be destroyed by the great trimurthies. They have followers all over. Aiyappa is younger brother to lord Murugan.

Can I wear shirt in Sabarimala?

Majority of the pilgrims visiting the Sabarimala Ayyappa temple wear black dress – black dhoti, trousers, shirt or T-shirt. Others opt for the saffron colored dress.

Why is Sabarimala black?

Why Devotees Wear Black Dress to Sabarimala? The black clothes symbolically indicate a mind withdrawn from all materialist objects. The black cloth suggests the Ayyappa devotee is dead to the world of perceptions, emotions and thoughts and he is immersed in thought of Ayyappa.

Can we wear black to Temple?

Indians generally prefer to avoid black during any auspicious occassion such as a Pooja or any festivals. Generally it is presumed that wearing the colour black reflects sadness and you are not supposed to be sad on these days.