Which is better SPOT or inReach?

The Spot X is a good option if you have a handheld mapping solution that isn’t your smartphone or aren’t using topo maps. The InReach does everything pretty well, and while the Zoleo might beat it in a few key aspects, the inReach has Garmin’s backing, which is significant.

Is DeLorme inReach still supported?

The DeLorme InReach SE has been discontinued. The InReach SE offers a solid value because it delivers most of the features of the new Garmin InReach Explorer+ for less.

When did Garmin buy DeLorme?

February 11, 2016
On February 11, 2016, the company announced that it had been purchased by Garmin, a multinational producer of GPS products and services….DeLorme.

Industry software technology
Products inReach
Services personal satellite tracking messaging navigation technology
Parent Garmin (2016–present)

Can you use SPOT without subscription?

Registered. The spot device is useless without the subscription.

Can inReach communicate with SPOT?

You can, provided his Spot is one with two way text capability. With the InReach you have an InReach address. Log in to explore.garmin.com and click the ACCOUNT tab at the top right. It will be the forth line under “My Info” on the left hand side of the page.

Does inReach Mini have maps?

inReach Mini Earthmate Maps & Sync Syncs your contacts, preset messages, navigation items, and settings from your online dashboard. Allows you to control Mini device settings from your phone. Allows you to request a view a weather report. Allows you to use your phone keyboard to type messages (and read them).

Does inReach mini work indoors?

inReach handhelds are designed to be used outdoors. We suggest testing the device before you head out on your trip, but do so outside. If the device is powered on indoors, the battery will drain noticeably faster as the handheld will not be able to find the signal for sending/receiving messages or tracking points.