Which is the correct command for EIGRP configuration?

You can use the “show ip route eigrp” command on the router to list all routes added in the routing table by EIGRP.

How do I configure MD5 authentication for EIGRP?

To configure MD5 authentication for EIGRP, complete the following steps:

  1. Step 1 Enter configuration mode for the interface on which you want to enable authentication.
  2. Step 2 Specify MD5 authentication for EIGRP packets using the ip authentication mode eigrp autonomous-system md5 interface configuration command.

What is AF interface in EIGRP?

So what is AF-Interface? The important paragraph to note is: The af-interface default command is useful for defining user defaults to apply to EIGRP interfaces that belong to an address-family when EIGRP is configured using the named method.

What is the routing metric used in EIGRP?

EIGRP determines the value of the path using five metrics: bandwidth, load, delay, reliability and MTU. EIGRP uses Five different messages to communicate with its neighbor routers. EIGRP messages are Hello, Update, Query, Reply, and Acknowledgement.

What type of authentication is supported by EIGRP?

EIGRP authentication supports MD5. If enabled, routers authenticates the source of each routing update packet that they receive.

What is the routing algorithm used by EIGRP?

EIGRP uses a diffusing update algorithm (DUAL) to identify network paths and provides for fast convergence using precalculated loop-free backup paths. Most distance vector routing protocols use hop count as the metric for routing decisions.

What does D stand for in EIGRP?

EIGRP routes originating within the autonomous system have an administrative distance (AD) of 90 and are indicated in the routing table with a D. Routes that originate from outside the autonomous system are external EIGRP routes.

How do I delete a route in EIGRP?

EIGRP Configuration To disable EIGRP, use the no router eigrp (1-65535) command. EIGRP must be enabled before carrying out any of the EIGRP commands.