Which Kent grammar schools are super selective?

The Judd School has been knocked off its perch as the grammar school requiring highest scores in Kent by Dartford Grammar School which, after offering places to all local boys who have passed (living in a group of local electoral wards) requires an aggregate score of 418 in the Kent Test (not sure if that covers all …

Which schools use Aqe tests?

AQE Member Schools

  • BELFAST AREA. Belfast Royal Academy. Bloomfield Collegiate. Campbell College.
  • NORTH EAST AREA. Antrim Grammar School. Ballyclare High School.
  • SOUTH EAST AREA. Bangor Grammar School. Down High School.
  • SOUTHERN AREA. Banbridge Academy. Royal School, Armagh.
  • WESTERN AREA. Foyle College. Limavady Grammar School.

How many grammar schools are there in Kent UK?

Kent is one of the largest local authorities in England with a population of 1.8 million. The county has 101 secondary schools of which 32 are grammar schools and 69 non-selective secondary schools.

Is the Kent test the same as the 11+?

Thousands of children in Year 6 will sit the Kent Test – formerly the 11 Plus – on Thursday (September 6). Children who live outside of the county who wish to get into a Kent grammar school will take the exams on Saturday (September 8).

What is a good AQE score?

The range of the standardised scores will be between 55 – 145, however in previous years the highest AQE score achieved is usually around 128, so 145 is more of a hypothetical maximum which would require the child to achieve 100% in both tests but would also require a very low average (so not realistic).

How many grammar schools are there in NI?

67 grammar schools
This is a list of all 67 grammar schools operating in Northern Ireland.

Does Kent have grammar schools?

Apply for grammar school Applications for the secondary school intake of September 2023 open in September 2022. Kent parents will be able to name up to 4 secondary school preferences.

Which 11+ test is in Kent?

Kent Grammar Schools 11 Plus Exam Format The Kent Test consists of two multiple choice tests: An hour-long exam divided into two sections that cover English and maths. Each section has a 5-minute practice exercise and a 25-minute test. An hour-long test that focuses on reasoning.

Is the Kent test hard?

Many children will find the test difficult. Grammar schools in Kent provide for children in about the top 25% of the ability range. You may want to discuss your child’s academic achievement with their primary school before you decide whether to register them for the Kent Test.