Which object is used to create Session objects Hibernate?

Configuration object
Configuration object is used to create a SessionFactory object.

How can we get a Session object in Hibernate?

cfg. xml file. Create the SessionFactory in Hibernate with Metatada and a ServiceRegistry classes….However, there are times when a Hibernate SessionFactory is required, so here are three ways to create it.

  1. Build the SessionFactory with hiberante.
  2. Create the Hibernate SessionFactory without XML.

How many ways we can create Session in Hibernate?

Hibernate SessionFactory provides three methods through which we can get Session object – getCurrentSession() , openSession() and openStatelessSession() .

How can get a Session object?

The Session object is created and made available through the context variable, $session . You do not need to perform any explicit call to create it. You can get a Session object by using the following syntax, if you already have a valid Entity object: $session=$entity->GetSession();

What is the difference between SessionFactory and session?

SessionFactory is a factory class for Session objects. It is available for the whole application while a Session is only available for particular transaction. Session is short-lived while SessionFactory objects are long-lived. SessionFactory provides a second level cache and Session provides a first level cache.

Can we have multiple sessions in Hibernate?

We can have multiple SessionFactory for one application. That’s all about SessionFactory and Session in hibernate.

How do I create a new session?

To create a new session or gain access to an existing session, use the HttpServletRequest method getSession(), as shown in the following example: HttpSession mySession = request. getSession();

What is the use of session object with proper example?

The session object is used to track a client session between client requests. JSP makes use of the servlet provided HttpSession Interface. This interface provides a way to identify a user across. The JSP engine exposes the HttpSession object to the JSP author through the implicit session object.

What is difference between session and SessionFactory?