Which part of Zadar to stay?

If you’re staying just a night or two, it’s best to stay in the Old Town area, which is the Zadar city center. You’ll have easy access to all the Zadar restaurants and cafes once you’re done seeing the famous Sea Organ, the ruins of the Roman Forum, Saint Anastasia’s Cathedral, and the People’s Square.

Where should I live in Zadar?

Old Town – where to stay in Zadar for the first time.

  • Zadar New Town – where to stay in Zadar for luxury.
  • Kolovare Beach – a great place to stay for nightlife.
  • Diklo Beach – where to stay in Zadar for families.
  • Bibinje – where to stay in Zadar on a budget.
  • Sukošan – where to stay in Zadar for great food.
  • Is Zadar a good holiday destination?

    If you’re asking is Zadar worth visiting, then we’ve got the answer: Yes! This is one of the most amazing towns in Croatia. It offers access to some fantastic beaches and islands, but also a very lively nightlife that’s a bit more low-key than places like Hvar.

    How long should you stay in Zadar?

    We recommend at least 1 full day in Zadar and you can spend another day as part of a day trip.

    Is Split or Zadar better?

    In general, I would choose Zadar if you’re looking for a quieter place to stay and a base to get more off the beaten path in Croatia. Alternatively, I would choose Split if you want to stay in a busier city and explore the highlights on the coast.

    Are there any beaches in Zadar?

    In addition to the mainland beaches in Zadar County, there are also several visit-worthy beaches in the Zadar archipelago. Arguably the best one of them all is found on Dugi Otok (or Long Island). It’s called Sakarun, located in a cove on the northwestern tip of the island.

    How can I spend 3 days in Zadar?

    How to Spend 3 Days in Zadar

    1. Day 1: Get to Know Zadar. Spend your first day getting a feel for Zadar, choosing from historical tours or cultural experiences for a personalized overview of the coastal city.
    2. Day 2: Explore the Archipelago. Dedicate a day to exploring the Adriatic.
    3. Day 3: Discover Wider Croatia.

    Is there a ferry from Split to Zadar?

    Split to Zadar Ferries Connects ferry port Split on the Croatian mainland with ferry port Zadar on the Croatian mainland. This ferry route to Zadar is currently served by 1 company: ENVIRA Sibenik.

    Which is better Zadar or Split?

    Can you swim in Zadar?

    Yes, Croatia is full of beaches and places to Swim. But Zadar has some of the best spots. Not only can you swim right off the main promenade by the city’s main attractions, the Sun Salutation and Sea Organ, but there are plenty of beach areas along the coast as well.

    How long should I stay in Zadar?